i have crated a new charalacter that should be in ynvc3 game his name is yunang

yun an yang seperated would be too poferwul for this game but i have a brillaint solution
his name is yunang this is his story one day in a lab doctor octagonapus made a terrible mistake yuns hat flew off of hi s head so yang went in the champer with yuna nd then they were fused together and they became yunang this is how yunang looks

now i have constructed a moveset that will most sertainly prove o you that yunang i a characacter that is orthy of marvel fame

he comes in doing a tony hawk 900 on his skateboard while wearing rollerblades


L: does a mantis style poke
c.L: same thing only croching
M. does a elbow move that moves yunang slightly forward
c.M: i cannot explain this in a comprehensible matter so i will just say this is yun’s crouching MP from sf3
F. M: yun and yangs overhed from sf3 you can cancel it into launcher or any special or hyper
H: yangs hp from sf3
F.H: Yun’s sparta kick from sf3 this hits the opponent towards a wall and is chargable if you hold it down for a 2nd or 2 it will cause wallbounce you can chain into it from H and c H but not the wallbounce version jump cancellable
c.H: Yun’s sweep from sf3 jump cancellable

S: twins upkick from sf3

j.L a light elbow
j.M a kick like the mk kick yang duz in sf3 can chain into divekick
j.H a fierce punch like yun does in sf3

DF+L,M, or H: raigeki shuu aka the dive kick it is lightining fast think trishs divekick except without the short pause this dive kick must be blocked high and the height restriction is about 1 hulk

qcf+ATK: Tourou Houhou a dashing mantis slash that can be repeated up to 2 more times the 2nd and third hits of the h version are unsafe range of the move depends on buton pressed

qcb+atk: Byakkokobo Soushoudakushi the palm this attack does different things based on strength L is a fast palm you can combo into if it hits an airborne opponent then it causes a hard knockdown M is a medium speed palm that pushes the opponent towards the wall at high speed you can combo into this too H is not comboabale but it has an enormous hitbox and active frame and causes a wallbounce doing this in the air has the same effects except the the palm is aimed diangol down and L causes hard knockdown, M causes groundbounce and H is still aimed straight and causes wallbounce and is still no comboable L and M can be comboed into in te air

dp+atk: Tetsukyuutai this is yun’s shoulter at first but you can do the motion to activate the 2nd part after the shoulder hits or whiffs for yangs upwards roll which counts as a launcher on hit the atk power cotrols the range ofthe move

rdp+atk: Kaihoukyaku oh boy this move is my favorite this is a god move when you activate you will see 3 images one of yunang just standing there one of yunang doing yangs telport dash and one of yunang doing his dp but only one of the yunangs is real L makes the stationary yang real M makes the teleport dash real and H makes the yang doing yun upkick real (H makes the upkick do damage too) you cant move until the move is over if you’re the stationary yang

HCF+S: Zenpou Tenshin: Flip Grab: Exactly like Jill’s but with somewhere in between Felicia’s M and H Hellcat grab range

QCF+AA: Yousenkyutai yunang rolls up to you kicks you in the face and then does 3 hits then an upward fist that you can combo off of afterward but the stun degradation maks it so you can’t use more than one of it in a combo

(Air) QCF+AA: I can’t remember the name of this move yunang does a divekick then it goes into a cinematic and then he does sf4’s version of raishin mahhaken this can also otg

QCB+AA (Level 3): Genseiei-Jinbu: yunang gets 3 clones and a speed increase that is the same as berserker charge and all his moves cause a comboable type of soft knockdown now think of zeros buster works

You gotta be shitting me with this. -82817/10

What the hell am I reading.

Nominated for articl-oh wait. :frowning:

I’m impressed. My trolling meter broke from overload.

Were u drunk when u wrote this, or do u have MS?

This thread is DELICIOUS!!:clapdos:

I… I can’t…wuh…buh…


So when IS Yummy Namco vs. Capcom 3 being released, anyway?

I’m laughing so hard right now. That picture fucking killed me.:rofl:

i am sory my keyboar is pretty messed up for sightly eortic reasons

I hope he dint bust nut…

Be he did cause he strokey an caus he moan an caus he splode an caus he feel gud an caus he hav wood an caus he jelus of da 9 incha an caus he not have chedda like bull

honestly they should just add parries to the game

it would fix all of the balance problems