I have FINALLY broken down...... Can someone please make me an avatar?


For years I, The Invincible Swordsman, have shyed away from the avatar craziness. One reason is because I haven’t been able to find one worthy enough, Another reason is because it’d be like a tatoo… I think I’d get sick of it eventually. And the final reason is…

I don’t know how to friggin’ make one.

So I resigned myself to thinking “Well… unless I find a pick of The Invincible Swordsman, I wont bother”.

Years have gone by amd I’ve seen avatars and pictures come and go but still no findings of one of The Invincible Swordsman. I have now given up one of it. I now know what I want… there are only two things I feel worthy of putting on as an avatar.

THING #1!!

Wuku, The Monkey King This guy (from the new Comicsone comic book called Saint Legend). With proper exceptions to The Invincible Swordsman, this guy is the coolest and baddest motherfucker I have ever seen in a comic book. He actually has a weapon similar to my Heaven and God-Slaying Swords. But it’s a staff called The Monkey’s Cudgel.

Anyway, here’s a picture of Wuku, The Monkey King…

This is the picture I’d like to see.



Vanessa Marcil. If you know anything about me, The Invincible Swordsman, you know that I like women and am a big rater of women. Vanessa Marcil is my #1A on my list of Personal Queens. She is perfect (for me). Incredible smile… impeccable body… she’s an ex-tomboy… used to have alcohol problems and was abused as a child. Does it get any better than that? I’ve followed her career from her days playing Brenda Barret on the daytime soap opera General Hospital and then Gina Kincaid on Beverly Hills 90210 and all of her little movies. She is my future mistress, a future Super-Elite/Goddess, and #1 on my Must-Rape List.

For those who don’t know… here’s what she looks like…







Hold on for a minute…

leaves computer

returns 30 mintues later

Now that I have finished cleaning out and changing my underwear, I would very much like if someone could throw all those pictures up with each one rotating like a slide show in my avatar with the name “Vanessa Marcil” in each one of them. If this can’t be done, I’ll understand and just put the one of Wuku, The Monkey King with the words “Wuku, The Monkey King” in bold in the middle of the avatar.

To those who can do it, thank you very much and hit me off with a pm. To those who can’t thank you for trying. Those who don’t care and just wonder why I’ve been typing this long ass post just for an avatar request… well it’s because it’s what I do. I am still the “King of The Long Post” afterall. To those who still don’t care and just wanna post something venemous… go ahead… it’s not like I’m your mom or anything. Just make sure you clean up the drool from your mouth after seeing the pictures of Vanessa. We wouldn’t want you to get your girlfrie… er, I mean,… your keyboard all wet and short out on you

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

Thank you and you may now continue to your regularly scheduled posting.


Leave everything to meeee!


Yo Invincible. I ask as the advisor to the invincible empire that you let me design your av. You know I’ll hook up a fellow member of the Jademan alliance without fail. That plus I’ve been itching for a project to work on. Now that I’ve got an internet hook up again I can make it happen with the quickness. And you know I’ve got the technology as well as the tools. The av I have in mind will be a tribute to Jademan as well as letting the world know what the swordsman looks like, but If you want a different type, shoot me a PM.



here’s my attempt


Psychosquall I thank you very much for the offer. However, Starhammer is my #1 right hand man so I would like to give him the first shot. My apologies to you.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

O.k Starhammer… it’s all yours.


how can you turn down a avatar like that:eek: way too good…