I have found the single worst piece of dialog ever created

Holy shit…

I wonder how many SRKers know a smantha, a ms brown, or will photo shop someone’s name in there :bluu:

I’m just confused about how running away would help…or maybe the dude just wants her crazy-ass vag away from him. :rofl:

I’m more curious as to where the fuck you found this at.

But yeah, haunted vag’s can be scary, better send the Scooby-Doo gang in to investigate.

Okay so…What’s that from? I’m interested.

There’s been worse.

Seriously, like how do you escape that shit? It stuck on your damn body.

I might have made an error; this might just be the GREATEST line of dialog ever. Just say that out loud to yourself.

You have to get out of here. Your vagina is haunted.

Maybe he thought her getting wet was like ectoplasmic goo, and freaked the fuck out. Probably called the Ghostbusters to run a Proton train on her.


Actually now I want to read that.

actually, when taken in the context of the story…while hilarious, it makes perfect sense.

her vagina IS haunted, by the way. And I’ve known about it for at LEAST six months.

That could be from Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose.
…and like what Taichi said, when taken into the book’s context it would make sense.
Furthermore, that’s the kinda crazy BS one would expect from Morrison or Alan Moore so…it’s hardly that bad of a line.
I, my good sir, am disappointed.

it’s been a while since I read the ish, but I believe she got the haunted vagina through a skin graft from a dead woman, tho I might be completely off on that. I think it was a transplant of some kind tho.

OOOOOh your right that DOES make perfect since now. In context… of course.



^is that for real?.. i’m thinking photoshop for sure… anyways… i’ve heard worse than the OP’s line… read Southland Tales… there’s some shit for ya… the artwork in the scene looks rather good… i especially like how the bandana over the guy’s face looks…

This cannot compare to Loeb’s original work, it is FAR more funnier…a different kind of funny, but still.

First off, it’s from Tarot, which is perfect within the context of those stories.

Secondly, it’s a fantastic line, regardless of context.

I was just thinking, pretty much every line of dialogue in the entire Ultimates series beats this one.

It’s crazy how making a parody of this comic by filling in fake dialogue actually makes it worse and less funny. Ultimates 3 is the absolute pinnacle of hilariously bad comic books…to actually go and point it out like this is diminishing its greatness, it’s too on-the-nose to be funny.

Plus, nothing will ever top this, which is a real panel from a real best-selling comic book, written by a real human being.

Without a doubt…this is the single stupidest moment in comic book history.

Loeb’s become such a let down. HE WAS SO GOOD

also Millar’s first two books were great

Ultimates 3 was such a god damn joke

i may just be a cap fanboy but i liked when he said that ahah