I have got to be the worst online player here grrr

I seriously need some help and dont even know where to begin. I thought I was somewhat decent, but soon as I go and play online I get my arse handed about 98% of the time on scoreboard matches ill average about a 2-15 record. I usually am a ken/ryu guy but lately have been using Akuma. I can execute the typical moves with relative ease and offline I usually have no problem w/ moves or combos. Its just when I go online I constantly get demolished, even by who you can tell cant execut moves properly. It seems like everyone knows my next move, i cant block or just the moves are not executed. I do seem to experience lag at the beginning of almost every match, not sure how much of lag plays into move execution, im on a dsl 3.0mps connection. All I know is that i suck horribly, and its almost to the point where its nowhere near fun anymore. Please help! I would like to play w/ some of you guys and get some pointers as to why i suck.

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Akuma takes extra damage, and requires a really good defensive player that also knows how to rush down to do well with. The minute you pick Akuma your opponent already hates you because he’s assuming you’re going to be a fireball spamming fool who is going to rush him down and Demon him the minute he’s trapped in a corner.

If you’re not able to mount that kind of pressure, or if you find that you just get hit way too much, I recommend switching to a more balanced Shoto, like Ryu, until you master the basics enough that you can truly go all out with Akuma without fear of giving your opponent free hits.