I have Happ Convex buttons and joysticks, and need help picking a stick to mod

I have an old custom slikstik 4 player arcade panel loaded with joysticks and competition buttons both from happ. My efforts in soldering ps2 controllers to the sticks recently have failed for various reasons. So now I want to instead mod a joystick that already works with PS3. I was considering this:


But do not see any guides anywhere that say you can use American buttons and joysticks and if so how. Does anyone know if modding this stick with what I have be easily doable? If not does anyone know a lower priced stick that I can mod with American parts and works for PS3?

Just get a toodles board that’s already assembled.

I mean this in the least offensive way possible.

But if you have trouble soldering PS2 pads then you’re not going to be able to mod that mayflash stick with American parts easily. I don’t even know that it can be done (buttons probably, stick I doubt), but you might want to look elsewhere.

A good stick to look for for you is the SF Anniversary stick (this one is already modded and has a PS3 adapter included):


Or the standard non-modded here:


You can also look for a gutted or cheap Pelican Real Arcade PS2 stick.

You’ll need a PS2-PS3 adapter for most of what you find cheap, but they’re easy to come by.

Get a Cthulhu fully assembled board. No soldering required

It’s impossible to mod a Mayflash stick with American parts without extensive modding (like cutting the pushbutton height). It will just not fit.

Get a MC/Cthulhu and build a simple box for it.