I have no idea how any of the matchups go?

I play on xbl my gt is zoolanderbeast. I really didn’t practice sf4 much until ae came out and even now I still play sagat like st because I don’t know how the matchups go or what I’m supposed to do i nthe millions of different situations with characters that come up so can someone train with me or at least post what to do vs every character?

I’m trying to figure it out by myself but it’s not working. Vs almost anyone decent especially Ibuki’s who have kunai crossups down perfectly I get opened up so easily I just feel and look really sluggish when I play with sagat for every normal I do my opponent does 10.

ibuki is a hard match up. But get that out of your mind for now. First thing you can do is get some experience with ibuki hit up the lab and see what you can punish and what you can’t.

you’re gonna have to learn to deal with kunais. learn to block the correctly there is no easy way out of that one.

some tricks may include baiting out ex slide grab. you can also uppercut in between slash kicks as they are not a true block string. at least the last hit.

she’s gonna be one of those characters that you learn how to deal with her up close and personal. review your block strings and frame traps against her. I think cr short cr short cr jab xx mk TK is a good set up for potential mixups.