I have no idea how to use the 3S characters (SSFIV)

-With Makoto, I thought her strategy was getting in>Karakusa>mixup, but:

  1. what falls under mixup? Hayate? Normal into Hayate?
  2. I don’t know how to keep the pressure going with her, Karakusa seems to push the opponent far
  3. Kara Karakusa? Is it f.LK, df, d, db, b.HK?


  1. Dudley lots of target combos; which ones are the most important?
  2. how do you get c.HK to hit? Seems too slow, even for combos
  3. which jump-in is the best for him? J.HP seems terrible


  1. SJC Ultra feels different from Viper’s. Is this normal?
  2. what can I follow up with after Hien?
  3. same problem as Dudley, but I also have trouble performing her air Target Combos; any tips?

Sorry for the terribly noobish thread. I have never played SFIII, so these characters seem like polar opposites compared to the rest of the cast.

These types of questions are all covered in the character subforums. The SFIII characters are more complicated then many of the originals. They are also probably not the best place for a new player to start.

The thing is, I’m not completely new (at least to SFIV).
The reason why I posted here is because this seems like common knowledge to a lot of my peers; I think I’ll get flamed in character-specific forums.

You can find a lot of this information by reading the stickied topics in the forums. Also, I don’t think you will get flamed for asking these in the simple questions topic. The game is brand new, so there are likely others who have or will have the same question as you.

I think that Makoto, Ibuki, and Dudley play like their 3s counterparts but thats my opinion.

But that’s what I’m saying, I’ve never played 3s… :xeye:

Go learn how to play them on SSF4 if you desire to.
Knowing how to play them in 3S is not a prerequisite for SSF4.