I have not run away again


just for the record, I got hit with a nasty-ass virus, and am just now starting to recover (after a significant financial investment in a portable hard drive, and a few other items to save this fuckin’ thing).

anyway, still not back up to top condition, but I just wanted to drop by and let everybody know what was up.


Hey what’s up! Waiting for another Blackest Night issue or another Batman and Robin comic to get some more DC talk going and stuff. BN #6 was really good BTW.


Little late but do come back
We miss the good ol’ Hal Jordan bashing


heh, I’m back. New system, to boot!

things sure are purdy!

anyway, I am champing at the bit to read the next installment of Batman and Robin, I am LOVING this series. I hated Damien at first, but man am I digging it now.

didja read the latest issue of Batgirl?, it guest stars Batman and Robin, and it’s got one of the coolest bits of dialog ever!

“Okay, we’re gonna play this bad cop, worse cop. Me?, I’m a punch first, ask questions later kinda gal, him?, he’s a stabber.”