I have only been playing SFIV for about 3 weeks

I pre-ordered super so i could have a wider variety of characters to choose from but i am so bad at the execution of ultras/supers.

Explanation: You know how characters in game have the generic down,right,down,right, hklkmk or hpmplp execution? I cannot do them well or at all. I don’t even know what i am doing wrong. Am i going to fast? Am i going to slow? when i actually hit the hkmklk button, should i do it at the end of the second right,down?

I am so lost, any help you pros can give me would be appreciated beyond measure :pray:

You are probably doing them to fast, which is common amongst new players.

Training mode.
Super/Revenge guage refill/infinite.
Input display ON.

Take a look at exactly what motions you are doing.
The motion that you are aiming for is the exact motion in the move list, which is likely QCF(x2) + 3P or 3K.
What you want to see is pretty much:
If you are having execution problems, spending time in training mode with input display on is the only thing that can help you, IMO. Yes, there are shortcuts, but if you’re not getting them “by accident”, then they’re likely not going to be beneficial for you.

Take your time and evaluate what you’re doing, what your character’s doing, and try to slow it down a notch. Watch the other character too. Pressing too fast is just as bad as pressing nothing.

Thanks guys, i didn’t know doing it too quickly was a bad thing. I will try the training with input mode for an hour or so and check back :slight_smile: