I have played this game and it reminds me of Blazblue

I’ve played this game yesterday with a friend and I tried to figure out what MvC3 is all about.
I’ve analyzed it a bit hasty, but the goal in this game seems to be.

  1. Not to get hit.
  2. Punish or initiate an attack and directly link that to a strong combo into super(s).

And that’s it. It’s basically a routine game where you play home all day practicing the strongest combos and new setups. Implement it in your gameplay and you’re good to go.

The setup to hit your opponent is the hardest, but if you succeed in doing so the only thing that remains is your reactiion to the hit that you gave.

IMO that’s what makes this similar to Blazblue.

The content may not be anything like MvC3, but I’d say the concept of both games is pretty much equal.

Fighting games like SF Third strike, SSFIV and Super Smash Bros (lol) seems to be more improvise wise than this game.

What do you guys think?
Please note that it’s just a first impression that I have, and I must say I wasn’t good in MvC nor in Blazblue.

(sorry for my bad English)

So …

  1. Don’t get hit.
  2. Hit your opponent.

Those rules remind me more of Mortal Kombat, but I see the Blazblue comparison.

Um… duh?

people would find out that MvC3 is just aother anime game just that it has comic chars instead of anime chars
btw, you would like to post this kind of stuff here

the topic doesnt need a thread

^ I thought everyone already knew Marvel was an anime game?


  1. Don’t get hit
  2. Hit the other guy as hard as you can

pretty much the main strategy in… pretty much every fighting game? FPSes and action games too.