I have searched the forums but i didnt get the answer to my simple questio

umm what type of hard drive does the PS3 is using ? since its not labeled “for PS use only thing” or whatever, soo im thinking i can get a higher spaced drive for the PS3 in the local computer shops

There’s a mod you can do for the Xbox360 where you can buy a specific model of Harddrive and flash it to work with the Xbox360.

Maybe there is something similar for PS3.

because i saw some vids in youtube that you can change drive even a 500gb and i saw the hdd the ps3 using its just like in any PC hdd but smaller one a 2.5" hdd so im thinking any drive will do as long as its 2.5 inches i dunno if that logic is right hahahha

PS3 uses a 2.5" SATA laptop hdd

You can upgrade it and also you can get a adapter which allows you to plug in a eSATA drive instead of a internal one.

eSATA umm whats that is that external drive? (>.<)

and you say 2.5" sata laptop HDD soooo meaning i can buy any 2.5" sata laptop hdd
in the computer shop like “sir i want to buy a 2.5” sata laptop hdd" and it will be compatible to the PS3 and also any hdd space

correct :smiley:

yer :wgrin:

a few people have said the 5400rpm drives run slightly cooler in the ps3 and also are a lot quieter. (compared to the 7200rpm)

You just backup your savegames etc onto a external drive, put in the new drive (the PS3 will format it) and then restore your saved games.

Or you could get a external SATA adapter and use a external drive instead of an internal one.

There are lots of guides around but it’s pretty simple really. :wgrin:


Go to newegg, pick up ANY 2.5 western digital hard drive (they have 320gb for 64.00 usd). Follow the guide listed on SONY’s website for removing and reformatting the new hard drive.

now its clear to me thanks guys your a good help

Also, the instructions for swapping the HDD are in the PS3 Owner’s Manual.

I wouldn’t bother with anything above 5400 RPM, you don’t get a huge increase in data speed for the premium price you’ll pay for a 7200 RPM.

While you’re looking for a bigger HDD, buy a 2.5" SATA HDD enclosure so you can use your old hard drive as an external hdd. (If you plan on using it with your PS3, google swissknife to format the HDD in FAT32 as the PS3 will not recognize a HDD formatted in NTSC (Edit: NTFS… NOT NTSC)- the format Windows will do automatically to any HDD over 32 GB)

[I have a 500GB 5400 RPM Western Digital installed in my PS3, and a Coolmax black leather enclosure for my old 80GB]

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A smaller laptop drive (2.5 inch, internal) makes more sense than an external drive or the highest capacity 500GB drive.

There isn’t much difference in the electricity used (and hence heat it produces) but you will pay more for 500 GB than 320GB or 240 and frankly you probably won’t ever need 500GB unless you plan to keep all the videos and game demos you download!

A hard enclosure for generic drives is cheaper than buying a purpose-built external drive. You can use IDE drives in that kind of enclosure, or with an adaptor install a SATA drive (like your old SATA drive that shipped in your PS3). Sure, 40, 60, or 80GB might not seem like much extra storage capacity but it’s cheaper to buy an external closure to reuse such drives and more worth it than trying to resell them – you get next to nothing online for such small HD’s as it is. I’d keep the old PS3 SATA and put it in an enclosure unless you plan on selling it to a buddy AFTER you wipe it clean with a utility program on Mac or PC. Better safe than sorry! You might have important financial info left on that old PS3 drive from software download purchases or an image you don’t want other people to see!

MicroCenter sells generic hard drive enclosures for under $20 now. You’d have to buy SATA adaptor pin since the enclosure is intended for IDE drives but it should work with SATA drives, too…

Also, don’t bother with a 7200 RPM SATA drive replacement. Speed tests have been done with PS3’s using those drives and it made no difference in access times. Besides, the motors in 5400 RPM drives tend to last longer than 7200 RPM HD’s and 5400 RPM HD models are also cheaper…

there are SOME laptop drives that wont fit… some of the 500GB drives are actually thicker than the average 2.5 drive. but anything 320 and under should be the same size…

i think the stock drive is a 5400rpm drive, and i seem to remember reading that sometimes, though very rarely, the ps3 doesnt like 7200rpm drives. this might be with certain models or brands. and this could be a very isolated problem or one that’s been fixed already.

soooo how much rpm will you recommend to me ? so for formatting the HD to fat32 does the PS3 support the formatting system or not, if not i saw what kazujiro is talking about the swissknife thing, how do i format it ?

I’d stick with the 5400 RPM drives, they’re much cheaper than the 7200 RPMs. Also, the stock PS3 Seagate HDD are 5400.

There’s no need to format the HDD you put into the PS3, the system will handle that.

I only mentioned the Fat32 for the OLD HDD, in case you want to use it as an external hard drive plugged into the USB ports on the PS3 to store extra stuff or even Backup Data.

oooh so lets say i bought a brand new HDD (not formatted) and put it in the PS3, the PS3 will automatically format it for me…sorry for asking too much questions im just making sure and i dont want to tweak something that im not sure of

That’s good to know! Thanks for the tip.

I’d probably go with a 320GB model myself.

Not so sure I need more than that. 240GB might be enough if the cost difference makes it worth the downgrade but it might only save $10.

80GB jumps in capacity generally don’t cost that much…


I’m sure you meant NTFS.

I hate to be such a stickler, but seeing that uncorrected was driving me batshit crazy. :rofl:

oh yeah its clear to me now thanks again guys you helped a lot

Haha, yes, I meant NTFS

[I play too many video games]