I have the worst luck at EVO

No disrespect to EVO or the coordinators…I just get the worst luck when it comes to the brackets!

It’s fuckin lame…

Evo West

1st Match = Rodchan v. Jason Cole (Lame…)

Evo Finals

1st Match = Rodchan v. Daigo (Wow…what a crock)

Bahh…oh well…Guess it just means I have to practice more…

Other than having the worst luck, I am having a great time.

Playing with other players from around the US and Japan is an experience you will never forget…Great times and Thank you EVO staff for making this EVO a great one for me…

(little Flame)

And im a bit happy that DSP got rocked in the AE tourney/money matches…at least to Afro Legends…thats mah boy dere!

w00t…HSF SD has to practice harder for next year…we will make our presence soon…

Goddamn, you did draw the short straw. But, at least you lost to good players. I lost all my first matches because I’m just not on the same level as a good deal of the players. But, I had a lot of fun getting beaten up.

I was really hoping that some of Ohnuki’s skill would rub off onto my T5 stick, since he’s used it like 3 or 4 times in the last couple days. XD

I dunno…I still think about it this way…

I always wanted to play with the best SF players on the planet. Valle, the Wolfe brothers, Daigo, Nuki, NKI, Afrolegends, amongst many others at this year’s EVO. And now that I have played with the best, it is now time to take that experience and practice harder to be on the same playing field as them…

So, let this be a lesson to everyone. Don’t be pissed off if you keep getting pWned by the best. Take that experience and learn from it, then you can that experience to become the best player you can be.


Btw, I beat Valle and Graham on casuals…of course they werent picking their characters…but its a start!..

keep on keeping on!

Nothing beats Daigo and Nuki in the same friggin pool does it.

lol rodel, consider yourself lucky you got to play em’ in tournament. :slight_smile:

not bad for being an evo n00b haha. practice up for next year. :slight_smile:

it has nothing to do with bad luck. its the fact that this years pools were the hardest ive ever seen compared to all other evos. every pool in every game had atleast 2 top killers. most people complained that they got put in the same pool with other strong players, but those people also failed to realize that the same thing happened in every pool!

hell i had raoh and kindevu in my 3s pool. 2 japanese in the same pool. and my pool was far from worst…

thats just how it goes down.

As time goes on, more and more players get better, there are gonna be more and more top players in the pools. There is no avoiding it, and nothing you can do but shut up and play.

sabre, you also drew me in your pool which is unlucky for anyone =)

LOL jesse. yeah just my luck. its funny too, cuz i knew i would lose to a chun due to my lack of practice the past 8 months, and you got me good bud. no excuses! the last round was ALMOST looking like a daigo vs justin situation, but no super happened, i was ready for it too hehe

Like i said…bad luck but im not upset about it…OK…maybe i was upset about it at first…but like Graham said, take it as experience and use it to your advantage…work harder and smarter…i just wish there was more competition in SD…CALLIN OUT ALL HSF PLAYERS IN SD…LETS PRACTICE AND MAKE A PRESENCE AT EVO2K7!

rodchan, I’m down but make sure you get all the fools you know and others to make a bigger scene here in southbay SD rather than just MvC2 @ plaza; tis boring playing rookies oftentimes. and not only that I would have liked to attend EVO this yr but work and hospital was called for so meh for me but thanks for the others who went out and supported the scene. Alex, thanks man O_O

worst luck? try losing all ur money within the first 5 hours of being in vegas :smiley:

Thats not luck…thats your own fault lol…shouldnt have gambled or if you knew you were going to be losing just stop!..lol…

But yeah dude if you are down for a HSF/ST scene…I can try to get as many people as I can…we’ll see how this turns out prepping for EVO2K7

Man, I had Sanford, Row and Duc in my pool.
I got a bye, but then I had to face the winner of the Sanford vs Row match…fuck.
Although, I did pretty good against Sanford the second game. First game, his Magneto just slapped me up, but second game, I actually got somewhere.

Same thing applies to you sucking at the game and you not being able to make it out of pools. If you knew you weren’t going to win, just don’t go.

U sir are a scrub and will dye a scrub if you keep thinking that way. I you can’t win you don’t quit or just not attend. That’s the makings of a Loser for ever.

I never said I wasnt going to win, it was just going to be a uphill battle. Confidence may have died because of it but I move on and I am going to keep practicing. Dont be saying that I suck in the game cause you have never seen me play jackass…

People come to join as a learning experience, and not to necessarily win. Sir, please don’t go about doing that, cuz you were at that point during one time or another.

No my luck was the worst…

Mvc2: The bracket of death with row/sanford/duc

3s: The Nuki/Daigo bracket

GG teams: Daigo’s team 1st round

and this is only the tournament…

A) Marn is elite, not a scrub
B) We obviously see why you are not a scrub :confused: Apparently you spend more time playing video games than learning how to spell

And so far Juicy G is the winner on the worst luck board