I have this nubytech SF edition stick


I have this stick NubyTech Official Street Fighter Anniversary Edition Arcade Stick - Gear Review at IGN

Is there anyway to configure it to a PS3?

I have the adapter so it plugs into USB but when i try to use it press left or right on the stick are considered start buttons.

Anyone know if I could configure this?

Thanks in advance


What converter are you using? I’ve never heard of such a problem, but it sounds like it may be a problem in the converter if it works fine on PS2. Also, nice stick. I played on one with concave buttons. It was amazing.


Unfortunately the PCB inside the stick was only made good enough to consistently work on PS2 & X-Box.

It has poor converter compatibility. While some models actually had a different PCB Ver. and functioned well, the majority did not. The SFAC stick was my first arcade stick mod actually, and while it worked great on PS2 & X-Box, it did NOT function at all when i tried to use it on PC with a converter.

If it does not work well on PS3 with converter, its the PCB. The only way to fix that is to just install a better quality PCB.


The Nubytech SF Stick has 3 PCB versions, if yours isn’t the 3.5v PCB it likely has compatibility issues with the converter you’re using.

Also, it is a great stick, I have 2 of them!


If you decide to sell the stick to help yourself buy another me’s lookin for a ps2 stick ^_~, But in any case you could always mod it with toodles board if you wanted to buy it and take the time to do so, I think he has a solder free version




i’ve no idea for that


yo jdm what do those pics reference should i be looking for those?


Those are the three versions of PCB that you can have.
I posted the picture up because Kazujiro said that the 3.5V PCB is better for compatibility, which it is.

So that picture was for you to look at.
It was for you to compare to the PCB that you have.

The 8V PCB is the worst you can have.


ok I will check this when i get home, so if i don’t have the 8V one then its just the converter im using?




very cool joysticks…except for the placement of the start & select buttons! :stuck_out_tongue:


yo CI you have any info on this?

Trying to get this thing to work…


It’d help if you provided more information.

  1. Which PCB version do you have?
  2. What converter are you using?

Your SFAC stick and converter don’t work together, there’s nothing that’ll change that. If the PCB in your stick is incompatible you’ll either need to get a converter that is, or replace the PCB.


Your best bet would be to get a cthulhu or if you have a sixaxis to sacrifice, an axisdapter.


i had no idea there were different versions of these sticks… i have 2 of these sticks and my old roommate has one too and we use some controller adapters/converters from frys and they work fine.


i checked the PCB and it is 8V, i have the TAC converter which i know does not work.

Are there any known converters that work with the 8V.


i also heard if i take apart a PS1 controller and use that piece it will work?

not to sure let me know guys thanks…

rather just use a converter though


Axisadapter + PS3 Sixaxis. Either that or slap an MC Cthulhu into it.


The 8V PCB is a jerk. It didn’t work with any of the converters I own. I ended up replacing mine with a Tekken5 PCB.

There was a unbranded converter that was reported to work on PS3. It was a random guy on eBay who no longer sells them. You have your work cut out for you.