I have to put down my do...she full parried that epilepsy

My dog has been having seizures nonstop for three days. None of the medicines are helping. She can no longer walk straight, get herself up or make herself comfortable without getting a seizure.

This day fucking sucks.

Happened to my dog. It sucks :[ worst yet, my parents put her down without my knowledge.

sad day

stay strong, homie

Never easy doing something like that. Good luck and best wishes. :frowning:

Sorry to hear that, man.

It’s going to be a tough few days, but you’ll feel better soon.

sorry to hear it man.

take him to the beach and throw him off a cliff into the ocean. he’ll have one last nice day with you…

i just took my old dog to the vet. it’s not a plesent place to die

Damn sorry to hear that bro. How old was she?

I know that feel.

I can’t say it gets easier with every pet’s passing. I’ve had three pets die in my lifetime. The third died in 2007 and it hit me the hardest. Changed my entire perspective on life.

Hang in there.

I’ve been there… My 4 year-old dog Logan had the knee of his hind leg swell up to the size of a softball. He could rarely walk. The poor dog couldn’t even lie most of the time without experiencing pain. Letting him go was painful, and I’m sorry you have to go through that man.

Is ‘Sorry to hear that, that’s sad’ all there is to say? I don’t think I know what to say. When this day comes for my dogs it will mos def suck. Um… I should know how you feel. I almost wanna say try and get over it but I don’t wanna sound like an ass

dogs are awesome, hang in there.

dogs are alot better than so many humans, i have 3 mini schnauzers and i dread that day coming.

Thanks for all the help. Took her to the Emergency treatment place in the city and the vet told us that she still had a shot at getting better. Staying overnight with them with an IV. Now we have to hope that works, and if it did that the dog doesn’t have any brain damage. She is one of the cutest and most charming mutts you could hope to rescue from the back of a restaurant.

This is gonna sound fucked up but I have never cried this much over somebody’s death or illness; but the dog (which is really my girlfriend’s) just struck some damn nerve. Guess all the walking, teaching her how to sit and stay and picking up her poop made an impact.

I’ll update tomorrow with more stuff. This still sucks but thanks for all the cheers, SRK staying godlike.

Try not to listen to music if your dog passes by the way. All of my Boards of Canada reminds me of my dog now.

Hang in there. Dogs are indeed awesome.

What kind of seizures, if you don’t mind me asking?

I had a dog that had these mini siezures where just her head would shake, but other than that she seemed normal. It was just kinda creepy and odd looking. She stopped having them though.


Ive been there man. My oldest dog of 15 years passed away earlier this year man. My folks didnt want to tell me with me being overseas and all but it hurt the most. I have one dog left I’m hoping he stays as playful as he is now later in life. I agree dont listen to music when dealing with stuff like this. Memories hurt at times.

Glad to know SRK has grown up some. I remember making a thread like this and getting assholes in there posting comments like ‘who cares?’

Hang in there bro, I’ve had it happen to me when I was younger and my family ended up getting another dog right after to soften the pain. Not to replace the dog, but it’s alot easier welcoming a new dog to the family than grieving. Just never forget the great times you’ve had with your dog and you’ll be alright!