"i have trabble" Comboing c.H into super



Hey, could anyone help me figuring out how to combo c.H into Swords? i have quite a lot of trouble doing it, in a combo. I can do it fine, out of a combo and i have zero problems with all the other vergil stuff, only problem is hitting the c.H into Swords. Every time i do it, dimension slash comes out, no matter how i input the motion (tried QCF, SRK, HCF) it always comes out as dimension slash. In theory, if i input both the QCF motion and the SRK motion (or just all the motions), a SRK should come out, since that motion has priority, but no dice. Anyone got any tips? (the link itself from judgement cut to c.H to super isnt hard, its just that dimension slash comes out everytime)

I have played Dante aswell from day 1, execution isnt the problem (well, in all likelyhood, it properly is lol, i just want to realize it)


I’ve found that doing c.H, going neutral on the stick and THEN swords seems to be more consistent. This is just something that takes practice, no easy way out I’m afraid.


I’m running into the same issue now, and resin is right - you have to move the stick back to neutral.