I have trouble against people who jump A LOT


I have no idea how to anti air consistently and that’s always been a huge problem for me. That shit is harder than it looks. Some people can just hit buttons nad stop you from jumping at them, I cannot do this. When people jump at me I end up getting crossed up or hit with a jump in combo. I also can’t defeat people who just like to jump back all day. I can never catch them motherfuckers and put hands on em and it fucking irritates me.

I really need help regarding this. I play Vega and his best AA"s are regarded as St.RH, Cr.FP ( claw on or off) and I just cannot get any of them to hit consistently.


It’s really just about developing the habit

Best way to do it is to constantly be on the lookout for it, especially in situations where your opponent can cross you up. Always be ready to answer it with neutral jump air throw or some other jumping normal. Force yourself to constantly be aware of when your opponent’s jump arc will either cross up or not as well as when they’re more likely to jump. If you’ve been harassing them with long normals, they’re going to jump when they think you will commit, they’re also a lot more likely to jump when you have them cornered or they’re about to be cornered. Vega’s grounded anti airs are a little more on the weak side but if you’re ready for it then you will be able to react better and eventually you won’t have to be looking for it at all when the twitch reaction sets in. Even if it trades or you don’t properly react in time, still count the anti air attempt as a success since the habit development will pay off in the long run

If they just jump back all day, then walk/block them into the corner, let them corner themselves


Really I think a big part of it is just down to the character you play. Whenever I play Ryu or Necalli I’m pretty shocked at how stupidly easy of a time they have anti-airing everything.

Speaking from personal experience, the more you play your character, the more your own player skill grows to compensate for your own character’s weaknesses.

There are also times when you can turn the tables on your own character weaknesses. There are certain dead angles that my character can’t AA for crap and I know when my opponent tries to exploit this. So the fight ends up being to make sure they can never position themselves to exploit my weakeness in the first place, or to bait them into thinking they got it only to eat a punish instead.


You should practice anti-airing in training mode. Get used to reacting to a jump and either hitting a normal or jumping and air throwing. It takes time, but eventually you start seeing it easily.


You can also slide under with Vega


I’ve been having a similar problem and training mode definitely helps. Just record the bot to jump at you like a madman and try to swat him out the sky. I’ve noticed that in actual matches now I anti air a little more frequently, though I still need more practice.


I do too. Hopefully Ibuki makes things less troublesome. Fuck tiny damage s.LK AA with Chun into forced mix up that might or might not work into them jumping more again any way. LOL

The only advice I can give you is that sometimes you’re forced to go air to air in this game to AA. You get more your more damaging AA’s from air to airs usually as well which helps deter further jumps. It’s just committal since you’re forced to jump to do it. With Claw you should be neutral jump MKing or air throwing if you’re afraid to standing AA. Claw has a quick jump so it’s slightly less committal with him. Characters like Chun and now Ibuki have really floaty jumps where air to air is riskier.


just gotta do it enough where it happens automatically and this takes time. As far as people who do nothing but cross you up either jump straight up and attack them or walk forward when they jump and this takes the crossup off the table. The people who jump away, dont chase them. if they are going to run away like that let them. Take that time to wiff special moves to build free meter and blast them when they try to get close.