I Have Two Different Kinds Of Lasagna And A Case Of Beer....Beat That SRK!

The cheese is the most important part of lasagna. If the cheese ain’t hittin might as well throw it in the trash.

I have rib eye steak with quality mashed potatoes.

my shatter came out perfectly

i haven’t proudly slayed women worse than amy Anderson.

im American

ya or some grow…

I am telling you: Butter Chicken Lasagna.

this will fuck you in the mouth, and you will love it.

Do it brah! Your’s is the drill that will pierce the heavens!

Eat meat, vegetables, and fruits; in that order. Learn how to cook meals that cater to you. Lately, I’ve been eating a lot cod with a dash of lemon and butter, served with fresh basil. I usually eat with a side of mache rosetter anointed with a basic vinegraitte and some berries on the side. <antoniobanderas.gif>

Learn to be active. Experiment as much as possible. Stick with primal movements like picking something from the floor or pushing upwards then add resistance using a barbell over a full range of motion, none of those half-reps shenanigans.

I have two girls at my place and a dick. So…yeah… :what smileygoeshere?:

I got a big tit Asian chick. I don’t have lasagna but I mentioned it to her and she’s reading up on how to make it.

I also have other luxuries, but I don’t need to go into detail.

Fists that break trees. Hokuto NYC.

Pop Adderall if you want to lose weight fast.

How 'bout just getting AIDS, a couple of parasites and doing meth for a year?


East coasters have shitty skunk weed. I

this dude ia canadian. nigga believes canadian weed is better than best coast weed.

I love how stoners are all generalized as hippie types getting along yet it always turns into “The weed here is better” “na uh, da weed here b betta!” “No blah blah blah blah da da!” “bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh!”

Shut up and smoke.

But weed is way better here in the west coast. You get to have a choice. You don’t have to deal with sketchy dealers in sketchy parts of town. You get a better, fresh, and more pure product when you smoke freshly farmed sticky. Instead of sandwich bag bullshit.

When i hung out with my cousins in new york city, the weed he presented just was that sandwich bag bs.

Let me go to the marijuana clinic, without having to deal in public.


Im in the west coast. My bud comes in sandwich baggies and my dealer isnt sketchy or in a sketchy part of town.

daboog is full of crap.

Edit - Im not your typical stoner I suppose. I dont really care where the fuck my bud comes from or what kind it is, as long as it taste good and gets me stoned im happy. I mostly smoke for medicinal reason as well, so I smoke alone…its not like a social thing for me.

Oh snap you still have a dealer? Man you living in the stone age still

Yup, Im not down with giving up some rights and being on a list so I can go to a store and pay more for the same shit.

This started out as a great thread, now it’s all smokey in here

It is…1 lb of BC trades equal to one pound of pure yayo, in the southern US. And most US Weed comes from up here. Remember we are the number one pot producer on the planet

I liked it better when we were celebrating my lasagna superiority.

We need a lasagna tier list

The Wifes Lasagna > all others

My lasagna is pretty good

Though i will now probably make two types

The creamy greek kind

And the good old italian lasagna with sausage, veal/pork meatballs, and a gravy i learned from my friend’s mom.

But hey i have discerning taste.

Now off to yoshinoya, to get some food poisoning