I Have Two Different Kinds Of Lasagna And A Case Of Beer....Beat That SRK!

I don’t eat lasagna.

Everyone fight me.

I got hooked up wit some dabs :open_mouth:

I don’t live in Canada B).

I have a spaghetti-mash of cabling, one non-functional core switch port, two network engineers in the office and a 2-hour change window. :coffee:

SoVi3t has become Garfield.

I’m not you. I win.

You have a lot of things we don’t have, and they mostly involve regular visits to your local pharmacy…

you mean you brought two different kinds of lasagna and beer? are you going to ask her to share it with you this time?



runner up

your loss

take that failure out of my thread please

I hope you choke to death on italian cock

Spoiler alert


my joke was about std’s

“Beat That SRK”


unless its just a game from Parker Brothers.

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-Safeway Select Lasagna that he found in the dumpster
-Stouffer’s GMO infested lasagna

-Natural Light (because he’s trying to get skinny so the pain from his GF crushing the pelvis get’s greatly intensified).

thanks for walking us through that

Mexican Lasagna and Butter Chicken Lasagna, actually

I don’t touch light beer EVER. I drink to get drunk, not for other reasons. I take my alcoholism quite seriously, thank you very much

The high glycemic load will make you sleepy, and the carbs found in lasagna will make you fat. This on the other hand will make lean and strong.

No wonder he’s attracted to fat pussy.

Penis is good for your health http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isqOzB0OtOw

Take that bread out and you’re on to something.

weed makes me sleepy. Although I do eat too much pasta and lasagna type things. And I am fat.

I really need to check out the SRK threads on weight loss and nonsense. I’d love to lose like 50 lbs


That sounds like some disgusting lasagna. The Wife makes the best lasagna. It takes all day and smells so good…man I want some now.

Anyhow, she made some about a month or two ago so I have you beat. I dont drink beer but Im sure I smoked a bowl after I ate mine. Yeah, im winning.