I have yet to find a SFA3 cabinet


am i missing out? i have never seen this in an arcade :frowning: but i played this on psx


CTF has one, almost no one touches it


Is it not a good game?


Not many people like A3. I am one of them.


I’m not gonna say it’s a good or bad game, but it has a limited following compared to a lot of other fighting games. But that’s how a lot of fighting games are to begin with so it’s really not a big deal.


So you had to make a thread about it?


Don’t worry about finding a cabinet, you can play people on GGPO.


about 10 years late on this thread buddy


Lol at people acting like it was never popular. At its peak, Alpha 3 was probably one of the most widely played fighters ever. Everyone in Japan and the US was playing it at one point.


if you just want to play Brazilians, then yah…


You’re thinking of the A2 room.
A3 is mostly Brits, French, Koreans and Japanese. Some legit top Japanese A3 players play on 2DF and GGPO occasionally. Most of the top Euro’ guys are busy with SF4 right now though.

For whatever reason, Europe hung on to A3 a lot longer than the US did.

Main reason why it got dropped from major competitions is because crouch cancel stuff started to get out of hand, and people didn’t want to sit there for 40 seconds watching infinite juggles.

In terms of pure fundamentals though, I think A3 is the one of the deepest SF games around.


A3 has the best announcer of any SF game. For serious.


Every Casino in Vegas has one, go there! :tup:



Lol who ARE you?


2df has a good group of players there. I play it, it really deep if people stay away from vism. Which is what I do.


I hate to ask this since It’s probably common knowledge now (I haven’t seen a straight answer anywhere on the site yet though, even in the Alpha sub-section), but why was there such a split between the fanbase of A2 and A3? It seems unlike other SF iterations the Alpha Series is divided up between those two instead of just one game in the series. Is it the custom combos/groove system getting out of hand by the third one like Kyokuji said?


A2 and A3 run on different engines so they’re two completely different games.

Why the need for a cab? Emulators and console versions are 99.99% accurate. If you wanted to play the game you could be playing it in minutes.


To begin with? SFA3 was like…14 years ago.


knowledge is power.

A3 @ its time was god like.