I haven't won a single online match, quite literally

I’m having fun with the game but I wish I could actually start winning. The only times I’ve won matches online which I find do not count are time rapes.

My current team so far is Frank West, Iron Fist, and either Dante/Chris/Nemesis.

how long have you been playing. Or better yet fighting games

I haven’t won a match neither…I didn’t make a thread being sad about it.
This game is still new…learn from your losses.

Learn a Wesker Doom Team. The best team in the planet is that.

Why would you admit to this? You make the midwest look so bad.

Put Iron Fist on Point, Have Frank 2nd with Cart assist.

Problem solved.

Team Trenchcoat/Longcoat/Duster = you will win at least once.

Do you know the basics of the game and basic BnB with your characters? (LMHS jMMHS OTG-Super, the basic basic stuff at least).

reevaluate your team synergy, practice bnbs, etc. etc.

Yea, I seem to be most effective with Frank West because he fits my style of play. I just don’t know how or when to get in on someone and catch them off guard.

Well you are using two characters without any quick lows AND playing online so that doesn’t really help.

I can’t really grasp the concept of MvC3 but I’ve played SSF4 since that came out.

is your execution good??

just mash!

I literally got the hang of UMVC3 in 4 hours.

You just gotta know what your doing, I guess you could say I cheated and asked people who would work with who. (Specifically who I wanted but who would be good of an assist), and its working out so far. I suggest you do that though.

I’m trying to get better, I got 80 wins out of 180 I think, which is decent I guess since I got it this Friday, and I never played Vanilla.

Are you PSN or 360?

Who do you mainly wanna use?

Go to the characters sub-forum and explore the character’s best partners, this forum works wonders. :]

I play on the PSN and I mainly want to use Frank West. My PSN is EdiblePwncakes.

It’s decent enough to where I can remember BnBs and use them most of the time when I have an opening.

Grind Arcade mode on hardest difficulty. It should help in this situation a lot.

Uhh here’s a link to the** Frank West** team suggestion thread.

Click Here.

Good luck man, I would help ya’ out but I don’t play PSN.

Try to get someone with super armor at least on your team (Hulk , Sent , Nemesis)

good suggestion… I would play Sentinel or Nemesis since they both deal massive damage with basic combos AND can play decent keepaway if you dont want people all over you

Take it from me… I consider myself AVERAGE at best and managed to reach 4th lord rank with a low tier character on my team in vanilla… I dont do anything over the top or fancy but I try to keep my gameplay very unpredictable to punish people who underestimate me.

oh yeah… I almost forgot…