I heard basic moves in SF up until the SSF2T had names, is this true?


and if it is can someone please show me a site, like for example I heard Blanka’s crouching fierce was called ‘‘snake upper’’ in Japan


I meant offical names in Japan like the above


Idk but I can tell you…google. Just google SF2 terminology or something like that and you’ll must likely find an answer. Though everybody tends to give normals custom names. For instance Juri’s jumping fierce, I’ve always called it Goomba Stomp, hence my signature. Chun-Li’s standing close strong is bitch slap, etc.


I don’t know of a site that contains such information, but they do have a lot of names for normals or special normals executed in SF games. They don’t ALL have special names, in fact I would argue that only very few moves have an actual name.


I do seem to recall normal moves do have special names in Street Fighter 2 and Darkstalkers.






I’ll try and contact Ultima (the old owner of the above pages) to ask where he got those move names. I recall they used to be at some Japanese site and were translated. It is tricky to Google.


Yes that is what I mean, normal moves used to be called stuff in SF2, can you please find out

Thank you


Sorry, I didn’t see 4neqs post about this before.

Yes, all normal attacks have names in most Capcom fighters. Certainly most Street Fighter games and all the Dark Stalker games.The Marvel/vs. games don’t appear to have names, or if they do have names, I haven’t been able to find it.

Unfortunately, there’s no site that I know of that has this info listed. They can all be found in Japanese arcade mags/mooks. And my site is offline. Is there a particular character set you’re looking for? I have most characters, though I still have some gaps for characters with JPN names I can’t read (Oro, Remy, Q, Gouken, and quite a few of E.Honda’s moves).


Just the two greatest characters only to form a team, er they are in my avatar


There needs to be a resource for this.


my friend told me he saw it in a japanese offical SF2 mook


Yeesh. Again, sorry for the late reply.

Uhm, which version of Ryu and Ken do you want? Each version of SF2, the Alphas, SF3 series, and SFIV series are all different.

BTW, it might be faster to get in touch with me by email: shinultima AT yahoo dot com


I sent at e-mail to shinultima@yahoo.com but it got rejected, send me a PM but I asked

If I could have all SF if possible. just the 2-d games and not the gem fighters ones either

esp the older ones I would say from 92-94, as I said before as my friend reckons the jab, strong, fierce, short, forward and roundhouse had diff names, I assume jumping, and ducking attacks had diff names

I would like one day to know the older fighters like all SF2 - SF2T only as well another time

I would appreciate it, thank you very much

from Abhi



Yeah, the older version’s moves totally had names. I remember having some magazines from back then that listed the characters and their moves. I WANT to say that it continued through at least SF2 Champion Edition and Turbo Edition, and they were dropped when Super Street Fighter 2 came out.

I can distinctly remember the guide, too, that listed all the moves with pictures of each beside it. I especially remember Zangief, who had different throws depending on the direction and strength of punch pushed (i.e. down-forward and Fierce was a Powerbomb, while forward and medium punch was an iron claw… or something).

I also remember the original Street Fighter 2 on SNES had an awesome instruction booklet. Each special move had, like, a paragraph of story regarding how each character learned and performs each move… like Ryu’s hadoken was, “Ryu harnesses his insurmountable chi force until it builds up so much, he releases it in an energy wave emanating from his hands.” Then it said something like, “With each hadoken, Ryu’s body takes a heavy toll.” Which lead 11 year old me to think that each time i use a Hadoken, it’ll weaken me. Haha!

I’m gonna sift through some old magazines i may still have in storage… if i find anything Street Fighter Related, i’ll scan it for y’all!


Thank you and that did make me laugh with the hadoken’s being used at times


think the moves in the parody are less ridiculous than the actual game