I heard KI is coming to PC

for some reason i still do a lot of gaming on my PC. I heard a rumor KI is coming to PC in January is that true. If so who all is excited for a PC release.

yes, KI Season3 will release on March on Windows Store (only Windows 10)

gottcha, guess i just have to wait till march for season 3

If you’re waiting on PC version and still have an XBL account, you can snag the 1st season for free if you’re a gold member all thru January

I’ll just switch from Xbox one to PC.
Everything I own on xbox transfers over to PC anyway and then I can just sell my xbox since there’s absolutely no reason for me to have one anymore.


you need an active gold fee to keep using that stuff.

golden age my nigga.

I have to check i use to be a windows developer and would purchase my gold at the same time. not sure if I’ve done it yet. either way Id love to play KI on my PC.

Will there be cross-platform play?