I heard MAME 3S screws up your timing

Is this true? I want to try it, but I don’t want it to wreck my game.

not permanently. It will just take you a few matches to readjust.

Yeah, the only real difference I notice (on a good connection) is with parry timing, and like jswey said it just takes a couple of offline matches to get back in the groove.

Are you referring to just playing 3s on Mame? Or playing it on Kaillera?

Playing it on Mame shouldn’t effect your timing much, if at all. Playing on Kaillera might.

The console version of 3S was speeded up a bit right? The MAME version shouldn’t really screw it up much unless you only play it online.

Just play on LAN. That way the difference is only like a millisecond instead of like 50 milliseconds. Playing on good/excellent ‘will’ fuck up your timing. Playing on LAN probably won’t.

Well, I really wouldn’t be playing this offline, since I’m lucky enough to not only have the console version of it but also (relatively) nearby arcades with good comp. I was really wondering about the online play, though.

It isn’t really too hard to find games on LAN setting in GodWeapon (LAN doesn’t work right in DaRoms for whatever reason). If both your pings are under 60, it’s generally ok (under 40 is ideal). I’ve even gotten it to work fairly smoothly with people at 80ms. Highly dependent on the quality of their connection/computer though.
There’s been an influx of new people who prefer LAN as well, so that helps things.
Only problem is, the main server is east coast. DaRoms is central, but you can’t play above excellent on there, and you look like you’re from Cali’.

If you want, I can do a couple test games with you, but your location is gonna hurt your playability a lot.
To make things work smoother. Make sure you’re playing windowed. MAME has a tendency to crash when you get disconnected.

Also, check out the p2p application that was recently made. I heard it makes online play much better.

I had ‘extremely’ smooth games using the P2P app’ with someone at 110ms, but the application has some serious desyncing/disconnecting issues right now.

Just use p2p (#srkkaillera on efnet). Personally I don’t notice a difference between LAN and excellent even though it should be twice as good (double the keyframes per second?).

Anyway, it does mess up your timing but it depends on what kind of player you are. If you try to put your offline game online by adapting to the lag, and in addition to that, the way you play to begin with, it’ll certainly affect you. But I guess you have to decide what you value more, stable execution or some free extra comp. Just be ready to get your real timing back well ahead of tournaments or whatever. Preferably at least a week.

Nice ovservation. The difference is in the no of packets sent and delay, not any sort of input quality. MAME will run at 60fps with the key frames of each value preserved even if you are using “Bad.”

quick question…i played on p2p once with a few ppl alll in one game and there was little or almost NO lag at all due to our pings being low…but i was wondering what p2p was since i never used it until that day…in case i wanted to use it again

If you mean the p2p option in gw, I was told that it stops sending you server status updates if you enable it which reduces a lot of extra data transmission. I think every server should have this and everyone should use it especially in big servers with 20-30+ people.

If you mean the p2p client, well, unlike the server which tells the client what keyframes to give back to the emulator after it receives, it stores its own data and sends it to other end. So acts as a server at both ends in mixing the local stored key frames with the stuff on the other end and gives that to the emulator to save the time of replying.

Parrying is alot easier and faster with a keyboard.Seriously I parry like 3 times better on keyboard than with stick =[.Depends on what kind of games you play (smooth or laggy)
Better Quality(connection,smoothness) Game = less readjustment at the cade.I’ve noticed people who play ken aren’t as aggressive mainly because of his harder hit confirms and they might be using keyboard online so when you play against ken at the arcade be prepared for really faster kens than can use all their hit confirms X_X.

oh ok so correct me if im wrong but to enable it you do it by typing in /p2pon as you start the game?

Yeah, how do you enable the p2p option in GW? I don’t play there much, but it’d be nice to know for when I do.

type /p2pon while in the game room or after the game has started.

Alright, thanks for the help.

/2p2on is absolutely fucking amazing.