I heard they like my Gigaton punch (for them BARLOG fans)


I searched the whole video gallery, and the video thread. Vid was upped July 30th, so I aint seen it nowhere here yet in a post relating to July 30th.



“These other fighters is cowards with fireballs…”

heheh nice video. I was digging them lyrics.

“Gigaton Punch, Gigaton Punch, Gigaton Punch, Gigaton Punch”



that was classic.


too good :clap:


I give this a :tup:


Awesome, good thing someone is giving props to Balrog.


Repped Good shit.


you made this? for real?

repped :rofl:


Wow, that was amazing.


I love this vid/song.


so you made this video?

i like it :rofl:

nice work :tup:

“look, we don’t wanna battle you/we here to welcome you to shadowloo”

haha good god i loved that line so much


Nah sorry I aint make it…but its still a good ass video though.

I dont think I said specifically I made it. But if I gave off the impression I’m sorry. I could only wish I had the genius intellect of the guy who made this. :sad:

(It was probably the title)


OMG I’m tempted to yell post of the year with that one. Absolutely stuffed with win…so stuffed that it has uncontrollable explosive win milky shits. I love it son…LOVE IT.


Lol Awesome, watched entire thing


Someone at evo better walk to this!


Great song


someone better yell gigaton punch at evo.


I will be reppin this shit at EVO.

Hell this song will be in my head for weeks.


I plan make a GIGATON PUNCH! hoody. It will be hot fire.


Liked it.