I hope I'm not alone in this


Like everyone else who’ve heard of SOPA and PIPA… I’m pretty pissed off… so I’m gonna get straight to the point. I’m boycotting capcom’s products until they decide to renounce SOPA and PIPA. Anyone else with me?


me too until mvc3 comes out


I’m boycotting them until such a time as they stop exclusively making shitty games.

Once they start making the occasional good game, then we shall see.

This shall inevitably be a longer time frame than their support for SOPA.

One love, Sigley.


From what I’ve read, Capcom hasn’t really taken a stance on it. Marvel on the other hand is thoroughly supporting it. You going to boycott the Avengers movie too?

Also, there is an active thread full of discussion about this already. And it’s like two inches away from this one.


Wow, I hate all the SOPA threads popping up now.

ESA is pro-SOPA. Capcom doesn’t probably give a shit. I boycott games that suck. By not buying them.


I love when people make topic titles not at all indicative of the topic forcing people to click and see that, yup, it’s a GameFAQs-level waste of time.

Know what isn’t a waste? MADDOX’s latest post on Best Page in the Universe…


Thanks that was a good read


Too late for you if you’ve already purchased SF4 and MVC3 op. Be ten more years before Capcom releases another mainstream title. If you really want to stick it to the man, lock your copies of the game up and do play any Capcom games on the 18th of every month.

That will teach Capcom a thing or two.


You’re going to have to boycott more companies than Capcom. Doubt you tasteless morons have the balls to do so anyhow.


YOU shut up. You don’t know me! You don’t know ANYTHING about me. I taste a LOT of balls.

And you have no idea how often I boycock.


At this point the only games I’d be comfortable to play are board games…

And sex games…

…with myself.

:coffee: :shake:


Here’s the link to the Maddox post. Was on Tapatalk earlier, too lazy to paste the link then.

Actually it’s just the current home page.



sweet!!! He hadn’t updated in forevers!


got damn, Maddox hits it out of the park again.


Hey, sex games with yourself is the way to go.

Benefits of sex games… with yourself:

  1. No prison, ever, for going past “Go”.

  2. Hotel expenses no longer an issue.

  3. Bitches ain’t taking out of your pocket after they already got the land and houses.

  4. No longer worrying about affording Park Place just to please her.

  5. You always get to be the one with the car.


Edit: didn’t know maddox was still running, last I heard of his site was almost 10 years ago.


wow, my local congressman is one of the supporters of SOPA. I hope all the voting types that live in my area are aware of that.


i’m boycotting The Avengers.

Joss Whedon is directing it.


took me a second to “get it” :eek:

WHO :wtf:


boycotting capcom too. cvs2 for xbla/psn already :mad:

or cvs3…fuck it just make ULTIMATE cvs3


Check MADDOX’s site again. Interesting update.

Also I propose the thread title be changed to “Despite idiotic initial post, actual SOPA topic.”