I hope they make SSF4 the main event @ EVO 2011

so MvC3 is coming out when… sometime april 2011? im not sure if they plan on pushing the date back on EVO 2011 cuz MvC3 will be fresh IF EVO was to throw a tournament for it on the usual scheduled event which is around July. people would only have a few months of experience of it and that means the competition level would suck. if they push the date back or not for EVO 2011 due to the release of MvC3, i just hope they still plan on making SSF4 the main event. SSF4 was still relatively new @ EVO 2010 so none of the new characters really existed. 90% of the characters used throughout the semis to the finals were from Vanilla. but NOW, the potential of all the new characters are being unleashed making the game, match ups, & competition level much more exciting.

be quiet.

SF4 came out feb of 09 and it was the main event at EVO that year

Both games will be played at EVO 11 I’m sure, so why does it matter what the “main event” is? The main event is really in the eye of the beholder anyways.

stream time? idk, who cares anyways

Super Street Fighter 4 will most likely be in the spotlight, as SF games probably are most of the time. I just hope we get a console port of KOF13 in time! I’d love to see those amazing 2D sprites on the huge screen :stuck_out_tongue:

Last year SSF4 had over 1700 entrants. The next closest game had like 300-400 entrants if that.

I highly doubt that any new games are going to get numbers that can compete with what SSF4 got last year. But I can hope.

There’s a reason why they keep SSF4 for the end at EVO, because they always keep the best for last! :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, you can see the hype building during the finals and peak at SSF4, nothing comes close to it.

Umm no MVC3 will undoubtedly be as big as SSFIV or even bigger next year so MVC3 will probably be the main event.SSFIV will probably be second though.

what is your basis for believing that? seriously? MvC2 had like 300 people. Now when MvC3 hits sure those 300 people will probably enter. But where are the other 1400 people going to come from to compete with SSF4 numbers?

For one, you can’t draw information or expectations for MvC3 numbers from MvC2 numbers. It would be better to look at vanilla SF4 having 1,000 entrants in its first year. Still, there’s no way to predict the numbers half a year before the game even comes out, so trying to assume the turn out one way or the other is pointless.


SSF4 was marketed towards the older SF2 players that stopped playing 15 years ago. There was already a player base that just hadn’t been marketed to or tapped in over a decade.

Now where will these MvC3 players be coming from? SSF4 only players aren’t going to suddenly jump ship to MvC3, they won’t even play MvC2. So again I ask, where are these players that will suddenly make the number of entrants for MvC2 jump 5 fold to compete with SSF4 numbers?

HAHAHAHAHA oh wait, you’re serious, let me laugh even harder.

Seriously though, MvC3 hopefully will be good, but saying its gonna get as many entrants as SSF4 is a bit much.

a lot of people joined SSF4 because it was the newest game. alot of people will also drop SSF4 for MvC3. and since it will be newer than SSF4, it only makes sense that it will be the main event. Marvel hype is what EVO is all about

There are some people like me that stopped playing marvel when they realized how stupidly broken it was and didn’t like the fact that if you get hit once that character is probably dead. So didn’t play competitively

MvC3 on the other hand looks to have addressed a lot of the things I didn’t like about MvC2.Depending on how the game actually turns out I might be entering tourneys for it. A friend of mine has already said that he will likely end up playing MvC3 competitively as well.

I’m sure there are many other people out there like me.

However depending on what happens with SSF4 AE and DLC, SF4 might still be the new stuff.

I hope Marvel 2 is the main event. Just because.

Dude, all the people who were drawn to vanilla for cinematic ultras (including me) are bound to defect to MvC3 (excluding me crossovers are tough)… game looks fucking intense which is why that game is going to get a ton of hype as well as 2k11

MvC2 = SF3
MvC3 = (S)SF4

Don’t take that comparison literally, i’m only using it to explain my point…

MvC3 and SSF4 will (are) the games that (will) attract a shit load of new players…


:confused: :wgrin:

how would marvel3 be the main event when by time evo 2011 arrives, the game will be out for only what, 3 months? how are you gonna disregard all the top players that has built a fan base over the year such as gamerbee, vangief, ricky o., wolfkrone, etc.? top 8 SSF4 is gonna be sooooooooo f’in hype.

True. No way any joe schmoe would pay money to compete in a game players barely scratched the surface with. Imagine going strong with a solid team you beat alot of online/offline ppl with, then some new cat (or oldschool veteran) comes in with a unblockable reset him and his crew recently discovered. Now you’re up against some new shit and had no time to figure out how to deal with it. There goes your entry fee.

I think MVC3 at evo will be hella fun to watch, but unless you’re willing to spend all that time between the game release date and evo finding some nasty setups/combo/resets/etc, you’d best save that money for a game you’ve had a whole year to dabble in.

A similar debate was brought up about SSF4; whether they will use the console version or the arcade version update.