I hope they reset everyone's D/C score

I had a couple before this patch, but now I get 1-2 per day it’s complete BS. Sometimes they go away after a day, but I have 13 now and I d/c 1-2 times that was my fault.

Any word on this? I HATE having disconnects in my record.

I want them to go the full extent and reset the leaderboards and everything completely, after the netcode patch this game is vastly different online

This. And the fact that playing private matches adds to your W/L.

For MK10 they should have a mode where there isn’t even a W/L counter.

I couldn’t agree more with yall. The online is just getting ridiculous, i was playing all day yesterday and only did about 12-15 matches! Everything else was session ended or desynchronization. Quick question for everyone? Has anyone been dealing with random freezing as well?

What system are you playing it on man? After yesterdays skarlet update I have been having very stable and almost lag free matches about as much as I would expect of a fighter in this current generation that isn’t running GGPO. Only a couple of desyncs and i’ve played about 40 matches. pretty good considering most of them have been NZ to america. I have on both systems but mainly stick to 360 because it doesn’t suffer from the frame rate drops in xrays and such

If you have pre-order content and have purchased the DLC make sure you delete the pre-order files because it’s rumored they cause desyncs, definitely seemed to be the case for me.

Im on the Ps3, add me if you ever feel like playing (Ssj4Gogita20002). But I haven’t done the update yet, just bought Skarlet like an hour ago and watching a movie now because of the storm my city is going through. I’ll see what the update does to the game and see if anything changes.

ok will do, I am surprised you can play the game at all if you haven’t done the update. For a while my ps3 was on 1.01 while everyone else seemed to be on 1.02 and I couldn’t connect to anyone. May need ot force the update somehow

Online IS ridiculous and means…absolutely nothing.

Sure not everyone can get into the offline competive scene, but that doesnt mean online/netplay is anymore important. I think it should always be made sure to remind you how stupid/silly it is. imo.

Tim, can you ask me a question? What’s the better Mk site for game-play discussion? Why can’t they just have one site? bah…

TestYourMight.com (there IS only one! :coffee:)

fair enough! cheers!