I hope you like these updated photos of The STREET FIGHTER COLLECTION!

I’ve finally got my new gaming room set-up just the way I like it.
All my Street Fighter stuff used to be in a closet, but that’s not the
case anymore. I’ve literally turned an entire room of my house into a
museum, filled with gaming consoles and all my Street Fighter jazz.
I’d also like to point out, once again, that I collect mainly NTSC U/C
products, so no “SF Animated Movie Game” here.

Hope you like the photos:


Mind you, I am still missing a couple of stuff:
Final Fight 3 SNES
Final Fight Guy SNES
…and most of the UDON exclusives that were available at SDCC 2006.
We’re still waiting on the shipments to arrive back to the office.

Oh, and if you don’t feel like going through all the photos,
this is the main pic of all the games:


Any questions, post em here.
Thanks for looking!

EDIT: And I’m waiting for the September Toronto Comicon
to get my copy of SFII The Animated Movie Un-Cut

and I thought i was bad… freak O_O

erm, your missing this game.


Got it.


Wow, that is some collection. Where did you get the softcover Ultimate Edition already? And where did you find the arcade sticks? Cool idea to use them as storage containers.

Damn, dude. Awesome collection. I should frame my SF posters like you did…

We got some early coppies of the Soft Cover Ultimate Edition at the office.
I’m still waiting for all the other stuff to ship back from SDCC.
Hard Cover is really nice!

Trade rooms? LOL.

I noticed you havn’t got the Jap Card Fighters Clash 2, damn, that’s so hard to find :frowning:

I’d like to point out that I collect mainly NTSC U/C products.

Got CFC2. Cost a fair bit to get as well.

wow dude you got 4 eternal challenge? what does it contain? and hwo come 2 of them are smaller? and also how did you got that Ultimate Edition? is that the one that contains Street Fight #0 to 14? and is that hardcover? :looney:

if you want the ultimate collection… get the japanese games too :slight_smile:

Hey did you ever get that rockem sockem robot thing but with Street Fighter characters ?
And did you ever get the pogs

AWSOME !:nunchuck:you are OFFICIALLY the street fighter KING ! :smokin:

Ahhhh, memories of the Tiger handheld games. LOL.

Do you have the Japanese RSE2? The one that debuted Ran and Nagare?