I interviewed Ikuy, a really cute Cammy cosplayer


I hope this is appropriate for the Cammy forum? I only found her through her awesome Cammy cosplay.

If you check that video out you’ll see one of the pictures of her as Cammy, and if you check out her Cosplay profile you can see all of them:

I love being a journalist sometimes

but she doesnt have blue eyes :frowning:

She’s really pretty, Wonder what other SF characters she can do!

She has DAT ASS

I have yet to see a Cammy cosplayer I actually like…

a blonde angelina jolie would be PERFECT

man, if her looks weren’t anything to you, you have to admit her personality was absolutely wonderful

dude… some of her stories were straight creepy…

i bet the dude who was asking to buy the cammy outfit if she didn’t wash it was ITLB

I’m taking it this was a phone interview. She has dat ass, but your interview had a strange feeling to it

GEE-OFF, do you have a windowless van?

lmao cute girls make me a bit goofy

She seems nice, nothing special, I am just picky I guess. But my original comment was just in regard to her resemblance to Cammy.

@cammyownz - angelina jolie is gross…especially blonde

do u mean vulgar or fat for gross? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh hahaha I’m sorry I just don’t find her appealing.

I agree with doodoostank… Angelina Jolie is not “jolie” (pretty), neither is Ikuy, although she’s not that bad.

goddamn you guys must be dating some international supermodels or some shit lmao

Geoff, I’m with you to be honest.

We just have different taste is all. Like I said I’m picky as hell haha. Good interview though man. You’re a lucky sob for getting to do what you do!!

I guess we are all entitled to our opinions but i think she’s cute, and angelina jolie, yea i just don’t see what the hypes about she is far too skinny now(and this is coming from a dude who is 6 feet tall and 150 pounds), now jessica alba on the other hand i can rock with.

I think this chick is hot…from transformers (the first one)…

I wish she did Cammy Cosplay :wgrin:

haha nah i’m just poking fun at you guys, i love ikuy but doesn’t mean everyone else has to, haha-- you should see what she looks like now, completely different style but still 100% cute

i don’t even know what jolie looks like nowdays, but i honestly didn’t feel like she captured the slenderness of lara :frowning: