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So Hello peoples of Shoryuken forums and FGC in general. I’m pretty new to fighting games compared to most around here i started with MVC3 but never really got into SSF4. When i saw this game come out i was hyped and have been playing it with my friends since release day. I do have a problem i would like to talk about, so i went online and played ranked and OH MY F**ing GOD every match people keep doing
Crouching light punch,Crouching light punch,Crouching light punch,Crouching light punch until they are out of range and then just jump in free cross up or i just hit buttons in a flurry of rage because i’m helpless ( mashing dragon punch when you think there is an opening does not work). Man B rank players come into my lobby and start mashing their Crouch light punch button all day WTF is this sh
i use attack and defense chaos emeralds but they don’t do much against this crap. isn’t there a assist chaos emerald that can counter crouching light punch?
i’m so mad about this i made some pictures show everyone what happens every match i play




Cheetah Man is not HAPPY!!!

I also made a Street fighter X Crouching Light Punch Flowchart


I just don’t know what to do please give me your pro tips and wisdom! if my pictures i made in 5 minutes don’t get me responses nothing will. yeah but yeh… no… yeah… help!

This is absolutely incredible. :rofl:

See ya at EVO brah.

That 1st and 2nd picture got me laughing, the voting options helped also.


I dunno if I wanna give a serious answer in case of trolling

try harder


Best thread ever?

Honestly, I was expecting a goatse.

Kinda disappointed.

You are one of my new favorite posters. Hands down. Welcome aboard.

chaos emeralds xD


Hmph… no wonder why I’ve been winning…

I agree. low jab low jab low jab jump dive kick low jab low jab low jab

this thread is win. those pictures were more funny than dane cook.

I can’t tell if you’re trolling or not, but I laughed anyways

i don’t know what’s going on, but i approve of this thread

posting in an epic thread

Cookie cutters

I like the flow chart…

Gotta hit em with that chaos control, son