I jus started using c-sagat

And keep in mind i’m proficient and comfortable with n-akuma anyways how do i effectively get the opponent close enough so that i can poke lp into super or dp? Also i realize sagat’s not exactly a combo friendly character but are there any easy setups against a skilled opponent who uses a-geese/blanka/bison? I’ve been busy with school n sports alot so i haven’t had much time for videogames the past 2 months but i recently got back into this game and i can’t turtle for my life so any help would b appreciated.

well, if you knock them down, you can cross up with j.lk and then that’ll get you in range.
If you knock down, you can dash or roll there. Also if you predict that they’ll do a really laggy move, then just roll through it and punish.

Sagat has an advantage vs Geese because Geese can’t duck his s.fierce and his normals lose out to Sagat’s. If you play against a non RC Blanka, then it’s in Sagat’s favor but judging from the team, it looks like the guy will probably be able to RC electricity so that kind of sucks for you.
Agaginst Bison, if he has no meter, you’re good to go but if he has full, you better watch out. That meter is all he has but it’s really effective and can take down your life pretty fast if used correctly. Just anti air him so he can’t jump in or just keep o pressuring him. Don’t let him run away; keep him close to you so you can Guard Crush him and then use a super.