I just asked out this girl over facebook and I need help

this is what was said

>me: hey what’s up

>her: hey! not much, gonna go out with some friendsss
>me: hey cool, ummm listen
>me: let’s go on a date sometime
>me: when i’m free

8 minutes passed
>me: hello? i’m talking to you
>her: yeah i’m really busy with schoolwork and my dance classes so i’ll let you knowww
>me: well I just kinda wanted you to come over and hang, it’s not really a date perse…

5 minutes pass
>me: hey, are you there?
>me: i’m asking you a question, why don’t you answer me?
>her: yeah I gotta go, i’ll get back to you

what do you make of this? I know it’s not great but it’s the best I could do. pic is her


Dear god that was pathetic. I’m talking “Please respond” levels of bad.

Sounding mad desperate

Kayo Police looks better.

Please let the OP be 12 years old.

The bolded parts are especially where you fucked up.
Women hate desperateness, you prety much radiated it.
I’d be surprised if she actually started talking to you again.


Good chance she’s avoiding you now, you just looked desperate and needy at the same time. Women hate that.

Dude, she ain’t getting back to you.

Wrap it up (as in it’s over, not a jimmy hat).

GUys, Guys,

This is the same guy who went all “ALPHA”, on that one bitch and it blew up in his face.

Ouch. That was…ouch.

Don’t pester the next girl, yo. When she responds, she’ll respond. Bait it out :sunglasses:

oh… my…
edit: "yeah I gotta go, i’ll get back to you"


I agree with what others have said, but instead of ‘desperate,’ I would go with ‘scary,’ ‘controlling’ at best.

i’m actually a grad student at a college in virginia and I know it wasn’t that good but i’m not really used to talking to girls

Dude! You gotta play it cooler than that! That conversation was scary! Just ask and wait. Wait a few days and if you still don’t get a response bring it up in casual conversation that you’d like to hang some other time. In short: take.it slow, play it cool.

Also: do NOT call it a date. Don’t even say the word date. Just show you have an interest in hanging out sometime. No pressure, whenever.

heres what I would have said

her:heyy going with friends
me: oh yeah thats cool. Who? (act like you are interested ask where shes going etc.)
her: blah blah blah
me: yeah so listen lets go (INSERT EXACT THING U WANNA DO) on (EXACT DATE)
she dont reply, just go whatever till she does, dont keep saying “hello?”

Hahaha. Oh man. I hope this is fake, because that’s all kinds of funny. Quick tips:

Don’t start a conversation and then ask a girl out. Make it happen mid conversation, when both are engaged. Then awkward “I have to go” moments won’t happen. Also, be more smooth with asking her out. Talk about any activity you or she likes to do, movies, or anything like that. Then slip in a “You’ve never eaten at Roscoe’s before/gone rock climbing/whatever before? You so should! In fact, what are you doing next week?”

Reading the OP was like watching that video of the dude who lost his virginity on camera to a porn star. It made me cringe and want to look away, and yet his level of patheticness made me feel better about all of my failures in life.

OP, you’d better hope she’s the “understanding” type. If she’s not, she’s gonna tell every girl she knows that you’re a weird creeper and probably a rapist. And you’d better seriously hope she’s not the “paranoid” type. If she is, she’ll think you’re stalking her every time she sees you and will probably call the police or some shit.

“I just asked out this girl out over facebook and i need help”

Here you go:

Nah, you ain’t spittin the right game dawg. Check this out:

You: Lettuce be cereal. I know you be mirin my aesthetics and I be mad fiendin to clap dem cheeks. Ima take you to my place, sip some henny, and do the grown up thang.
Her: Do me based god, I want your swag all over my face!

That’s how you spit grade A game dawg. Real talk, if you can’t pick up Asian girls with Downs Sydrome, then you need to step your game up son.