I Just Beat Up A Kid


So I head over to pickup my laundry, and on the way four young ruffians about twelve years of age come up and ask me for a smoke. They were some sort of Euro or muslim or gypsies on bikes. I mention that the one smoke I have is my only one. They start whining and begging, and I already know they will be trouble, and I inform them I just brought the one. I start walking on past towards the laundromat, and they start slowly following, inching closer and closer. So I put my hand in my pocket, and pull out my knife, and they start backing the fuck off. The wannabe alpha asks if he can kill my smoke. I say sure, then kill it, drop it on the ground, and step on it. He then asks if I have the time. I tell him no, you may not steal my cell phone.

Go in, grab my laundry, and think I am safe with the company of others. But no, they idiots come in the front door, and start throwing cans of soda at me, missing terribly (got my laundry all bag wet though, laundry was fine!). Then they run out the door. But there are four of them, and just one door. The first gets out fine, but the last three stooges fight over who can leave first. I ended up grabbing the last one by the collar, and yanking him back in the store and to the ground while his friends speed off on bikes, unaware I got one of their junior mafia.

I then proceeded to kick him in the fucking face until he was bleeding and the people in the store pulled me away. Then I casually grabbed my laundry, spit on him, and walked home.

Fuck anybody who isn’t me. Especially if they’re younger than me, or older than me.

My nephew just got beaten up by an adult

We may not see SoVi3t posting here for a while guys.


I doubt that…I doubt anybody cares that a dude taught a child a valuable lesson.

I hope I see one of the other kids around some time. One of those kids, just the moment I looked at him, I knew I wanted to make him cry.


I remember being asked this when I walked past three older teens. Didn’t have my phone at the time, but just gave them a guesstimate, dude in the middle said “Cool, thanks”. One of them thought I was staring at them, though, so I imagine this what they were going for. It was long ago, but this brought that time back. It was in a ‘lower tax bracket’ area, many moons ago though.


I thought op was too fat to beat up anything and required the poke flute for sex?


no, that’s the girls I plow

No fucking group of young teens has no phone or watch between them. If you do, tough shit. What time is it? Past your bedtime, go home or I put you to fucking sleep.

I really wanted the other three to come back, one was tiny as fuck I would have loved to rip him in half like wet tissue.


Oh, don’t get me wrong, that kid had it coming! Just making a joke about assaulting a minor is all.


If they just threw the pop at me, I’d have let it slide. But they were obviously trying to rob me, just too pussy to do it properly. So with everything that presented itself to me, I felt it was time to kick one of those fuckers until I felt better.

The simple and smarter solution, would have been to just ride their bikes past the guy with the crazy beard and tattoos. Under no circumstances do you try to fuck with the guy with death metal band logos tattoo’d on him, and an urge to fight that goes unfulfilled since I stopped playing Ice Hockey. Especially repeatedly.

I don’t take chances. I make solutions.


I can’t tell if you’re trolling or if you’re not. In the case that you’re not, you’re an adult that decided that the best way to go around it was to sink to neanderthal level and kick a 12 year old. Alpha as fuck man rolls eyes


pix liar



(Time stamps.)


Sovi3t be like


That reminds me the year I got out of the military/ended my tour in Iraq. It was the month of my first semester at a college, I was hanging out with a few people that were part of some extra curricular club involving government/politics. Cool people, I liked their views on some things and decided to tag along with them doing an errand for their club follow by some drinks. Walking through the small town off campus was a group of 6 or so seniors from a local high school chilling on a bus stop bench. As we were walking past them they started yelling out obscenities directed towards 2 of the guys I was with. Calling them “columbine killers” " trench coat fagg0ts"(even though no one was wearing one) and other stuff.

Considering I had just got out of the service 6 months ago and, before that came back to the states from a 14 month tour in Iraq, I was kind of messed up still, and very hot headed. I turned around and walked back towards them and confronted the lead shit talker. Didn’t do anything right away, but after some exchange words I told the kid to stand up as I was going to fuck him and all of his friends up. One of his henchmen said that I should be afraid of this kid and said I’d regret if I did anything to him or his friends. That went in one ear and out the other as I was already set on releasing some of my bottled up anger and stress that accumulated throughout my time in the service and especially in the shit box.

Eventually lead kid shoves me, and I reacted by swinging on his face, then some other kid hits me on the side of my head and I follow by punching him in the face. Follow by a punch to the stomach to another guy, one kid with a skateboard tries bashing me with it but I somewhat lesson the blow with my arm. And then I end up taking the leader grabbing his throat and throwing his ass against a brick wall, if I had be a foot to the left, it would of been to a window and maybe through it. From there I throw a few punches to his face and take him down to the ground and wrapped my arm around his neck into a sleeper. At this point 3 of the guys end up running(so much of having this kid’s back) and the others were confronted by the guys I was with trying to calm the situation. As this is happening I am ready to snap this kid’s neck, slowly giving more tension, until one of the guys told me I need to let go or else I’d kill him.

When everyone calmed down, and one of the kid’s friends helped him up I gave them a speech saying that they shouldn’t be going around disrespecting random people and that even though those guys they were harassing weren’t crazy, I was and that they were going on to being some good people hopefully changing shit in the system. I ended up with a gash on my head and sore hands, but I didn’t regret it, sometimes people need to get their asses kicked.


Aaaaha, noted.


@SoVi3t t always keeps it real yo.




Since this is Canada we’re talking about, and since this is Soviet we’re talking about, I’m going to make an educated guess that when he says he kicked a 12-year old kid in the face at a laundromat, he really means he pounded a boyishly-looking ugly 12-year old girl in the alley behind the laundromat with what he described as a “roll of quarters”.

And he didn’t bother to use dryer sheets either.


I think if a teen starts shit with you, I feel absolutely no ill toward anyone who gives that kid the ass kicking he deserves. Those fine souls who commit an act of violence against those bastards are doing society a great service.




Ahhh… this is reminiscent of this series of threads.

This is just as amusing to me. And it’s gonna go on longer, too.