I just bought a new SFIV Xbox 360 Fightstick

Hey I’m kind of new to shoryuken.com and i was wondering what color scheme of sanwa parts is should use i should use for my SFIV 360 TE (i think, its the first one that came out).

I was gonna do a blue and white mix match buttons with a white stick or full white but im having a hard time deciding?

I would really appreciate some help or pics of ur color schemes

THXS. Ninchya :razz:

its your choice, not ours.

take a look in this thread… here

This. Seriously. I’m going to log into Shoryuken tomorrow and someone is going to ask what colour shirt they should wear.

I think that you should get 1 of each color. I am curious on what that will look like, but don’t want to pay for it.

I’m wondering what I should have for dinner.

fried chicken with green sanwa buttons.


well i made my choice anyways watever… iguess i shouldnt have posted but watever i though i could use some help

I thought this was a legitimate question considering all of the artistic talent on SRK. I’m not sure why a new member had to get all of this flak for simply asking for opinions on which colors would go with the stock artwork.

Good job scaring off new members guys. Lame, but pointless.

Mykee, though, at least pointed you in the right direction.

I was actually serious. I have not seen anyone do one of each color. Probably would skip out on Black, White, Dark Hai/Black, Vermillion (so close to orange). Rainbow edition stick.

Why are people so mean :frowning:

Don’t use any color scheme. You’ve already got Sanwas in your TE. I think the stock art looks fine with the 6 white, and 2 dark hai. However, if you change the artwork and maybe buy a piece of plexi from Art, then it depends on your artwork. That is all.

The regular is perfectly fine, but I might go with a Pink/White or Yellow/Black combo buttons and bubbletop stick. Depends if I go with Sakura or Makoto stick art.