I just bought an HRAP 3, I have questions

Hi, I just ordered an HRAP 3 from high-scoreonline.com and it cost $99 shipped, I talked to a couple of people and they said that some people had to wait as much as 3 months to receive their ordered item, what do you guys think of this website, did i eat shit? or im i still good?


You’re not entirely screwed, idk whats up with the guy.

It took me like 2 months to get my vshg.

wrong person to order from. play-asia are lot faster. and cheaper.

How is play asia cheaper? It’s 99bucks which includes shipping.

what did highscoreonline say? I just paid for one myself the other day but i haven’t heard from them.

Unfortunately, you probably won’t hear from them at all.

I ordered from them before and from my experience you will have to really hassle them to get anything done. E-mail them alot and if you use AIM look for yang858 and IM him a bunch of times.

How long did it take you guys to get your stuff?

I ordered my HRAP 3 on April 3, how long will it take until I get it? it was in stock, so is it gonna take at least a month or what?

It took around 3 weeks for me, and I live in the same state as they do. After ordering it took a little over a week to get the tracking number, then they didn’t actually ship it for about another week. I had to e-mail and IM the guy almost daily to get things done, but luckily for me I have a very boring job where I don’t do much anyway.

I just talked to Harry on AIM, yang858 was his s/n, I talked to him and he told me that he is gonna ship the HRAP3 on Monday, then I told him to send me a confirmation email, did you guys ever get confirmation emails from him or what?

Will he actually ship my HRAP3 on Monday? or does he lag it?

I hope so for your sake!

i never received a confirmation email or even a reply to my emails. its good to hear that you were able to contact him. ill prolly do the same and im him. let us know when you get the confirmation and/or stick.

He’s online right now, yang858 is his s/n, I talked to him a couple of hours ago and he said hes gonna ship it today which is monday via UPS

How did you turn out with this?