I just bought the fighting stick 3 I need help using it with pc

Im trying to use it with winkawaks, My pc recognizes it. When I go to calibrate controls for winkawaks it doesnt recognize the joystick only buttons anyone got any helpful ideas?

I need help with this asap if I dont get it to work with winkawaks I will return it. Is there any tools I can download that will make it work with winkawaks? It works perfect with mame. The only thing that doesnt work(mame) is the actual stick.

Try Joy To Key. should work.

have it tried it no worky =(

Is this for the PS3? Usually those sticks function on the pc after you press the home button or something, I don’t know that’s what I heard about it.

yeah its for ps3 its so pretty to hah. I guess im gonna return it tommorow. Windows recognizes it but no go for winkawaks. Winkawaks is the only reason I got a stick to begin with.

I can’t use the Dpad on my X360 controller in WinKawaks, only the analog. I think this is something to do with the Dpad being a POV Hat switch… but regardless, when i came up against this issue, i ditched WinKawaks and started using the latest versions of MAME and FinalBurnAlpha, both of which recognize the dpad fine. Perhaps you could try those.

The goat hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately I am a diehard winkawaks fanboy. I guess i’ll have to find a sega saturn pad perferably all white. My dualshock 2 works perfect with winkawaks and isnt all that bad.

I have the exact same problem, Windows seem to recognize the stick as a FS3 but it just wont register the button/stick when i press them.

PLEASE help me out here!