I just bought this, was it a good Deal?


I’m completely new to the fightstick world, i figured with games like mvc3 and MK coming out now is the time to get one. This is the one I ended up buying. Had no knowledge of what i bought just that it seemed to be cheaper then the street fighter 4 one. Anyways is this the same one as the SF4 One? If it isn’t are their big differences and all that. Thanks in Advance for the replies.

Amazon.com: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Fightstick Tournament Limited Edition: Playstation 3: Video Games


Only difference is the art. 100 bucks is good deal. Can find them cheaper sometimes, but you have to wait around for a really good sale.


It uses all the same parts as the other Tournament Edition sticks. I’m pretty sure the button layout is even the same as the Street Fighter branded sticks.


He’s right. Everything, minus the artwork/color scheme, is the same.


thanks for the feedback guys. will probably end up changing the Picture i like blazblue but just theres a ton of different things i would rather see on it. anyways once again thanks.


I think that’s a great buy. Considering most TE’s nowa days sell for about 100 bucks, you’re fine. I actually prefer the blazblue models over the SF branded models in terms of standard artwork. Other than that, they’re exactly the same as every other TE available exluding the MV2 edition which just changes the button layout.


Madcatz/Gameshark currently has a deal for two of those sticks for $150. Good for a guest or back-up stick. I ordered mines a couple of days ago.


yes, it was a good deal.


Only issue might be for MK as MK uses a totally different layout but almost everyone will have that issue