I just broke my new stick how do i find replacement part

I’m trying hard not to focus on how much this sucks, but this is the second stick I’ve ruined by putting it into an overpowered USB socket in my computer. (Just found out it was the USB port). I had just recieved my SE stick in the mail, modded the parts, and played it for less than 10 minutes. Then I plugged it into that one faulty USB port and I saw this part light up and burst through the front cover:

Where do I buy a replacement part for that (in red box)?

RIP my new stick. I barely knew you :frowning:

Holy crap man, that sucks… i know how you feel though, my modded SE also crapped out on me not too long after I modded it…im not sure anyone sells that specific mad catz part but with a little modding knowledge i bet you could put a different similar pat in there. Check out stores that sell spare stick parts?

that is the pcb. you can try the trading outlet or you can put in a cthulhu but the tubro panel won’t work anymore.

Throw a Cthulhu (scroll down) in there for $30. Or if you want to splurge, spend $35 and get the MC version and have support for a lot of other systems.

that’s cool. So if I get the cthulhu, what tools will I need (a soldering iron?), and if I get the MC version (what’s a MC) does that mean it will work on xbox as well?

You don’t need to solder with screw terminals. Just cut the existing wiring harnesses to expose the wires, wire it into Cthulhu, screw in wires, then you can get a USB A/B cable and plug it in. MC works for Xbox, but not xbox 360. 360 has evil security chip that Toodles has yet to bypass. Read this guide


Disregard the Imp, if your 360 PCB is fried, no point in using it.

Multi-Console Cthulhu.

Yes, it does Xbox.
Xbox, not Xbox 360.


@nerrage, it’s a PS3 stick

Is it a lot of effort to install a Cthulhu (should I just buy another SE stick)?

Is there an instructional video/blog that shows how to install one on a PS3?

It’s screw in. The only difficult bit would likely putting in an RJ-45 jack if you want to go MC and use that to connect different types of wires.

No. Literally just strip the end of the wires and place them in the appropriate screw terminal on the cthulhu and screw it down.

Have a look at my namco:
From the buttons/stick to the cthulhu. I used a neutrik jack so I could have a removable usb cord, but you can have the cord go right from the cthulhu to the outside of the case for a simpler installation.

It’s real simple.

Oh, nevermind. Most people buy 360 sticks. My bad. No, it’s not hard. All screw in. And just screwing wire A into point B. A bit more complicated if you wanted multi console.

About how long would it take to assemble a Cthulhu? I have little knowledge on doing electrical…stuff.

I’m only interested in getting this stick to work for my ps3 so i won’t buy the mc one.

Also, how will the top of the stick look, and will I have a home button on the stick anymore?

This seems kinda ridiculous -_-’ Solder IC Socket

Sooo… I buy THIS?

Oh, nevermind. Most people buy 360 sticks. My bad. No, it’s not hard. All screw in. And just screwing wire A into point B. A bit more complicated if you wanted multi console. But just PS3, easy.

Yes, buy THAT. They are only made preassembled. No need to worry about soldering IC sockets. Those blue things, screw wire into them.

I know how to make the Home on your Mad Catz to still work with the Cthulhu.
But I don’t think you would be able to do it.

No problem. Don’t care about it that much.

With the Cthulhu, when you press Start and Select, Home will activate.
So that is cool.

Unless you still want to use the Home Button on the Mad Catz Turbo Panel?

He could also just wire the cthulhu so start+select=Home.
It’s how I have it on my namco.

EDIT: Beat me to it.

Just screw a wire from a Ground to the home screw terminal on the Cthulhu, and start+select are automatically Home. This is important. If you don’t, it assumes you have a home button.

And soldering IC sockets is not that bad, though I despise them and usually rip them off and solder the IC to the board directly.

If you cool with a 1.21 gigawatt soldering iron, you could do in like a minute. But that’d prolly fry your IC if you soldered direct. (Don’t expect to understand this, it’s more for jdm, heh)