I just broke my new stick how do i find replacement part

i understand what wire, connection, and screw means.

everything else scares me.

There’s not much else to it.
The everything else comes in when you want to do multi console mods and all that.

Don’t worry. It’s assembled. All you do is cut your existing wire, and strip it a little. With the metal exposed, connect the wire to the terminal you want, make sure metal touches metal. Screw down the terminal in place. It is now connected to the board.


All right I’ll buy the part tomorrow. And this is a serious question (don’t laugh ._.):

What do I use to cut the wire?

Wire cutter.
Scissors are not cool, though you can.

Aw, I woulda said “Diagonal nose pliers” Just so he wouldn’t feel slapped in the face. Need something to strip with. Could shave off some of the insulation with a razor or knife if you don’t want to invest in a stripping device.

Also, needle-nose pliers work. They have that little tab at the bottom that can cut wire. Just throwing it out because you likely have a pair somewhere.

Dude, my diagonal cutters cost $40!
Dude, my wire stripper cost $30!
Dude, my needle nose cost $20!

And none of those are automatic.
They are manual.

These work pretty well for me. I have the blue billy mays version though.
These are another good option. I got mine at walmart for $10.

And @JDM good lord! I paid $7 for my diagonal cutters…

damn so that means my stick will only connect to a Cthulhu once I cut the wire.

i have wire strippers and stuff somewhere in the house.

But you’re a pro, dude :sad:

Where would it connect other than Cthulhu?

thanks everyone! I will post some pics tomorro if things get confusing. PEACEOUT

To the microcontroller to the launch terminal to the… well, you know.

If I feel unlazy sometime, I’ll be sure to point you to a diagram of how to “read” which wire will go where. Heh. But I need to open up my case for that. And it’s a tornado in there.

You want something like this RadioShack? 8.5" 4-Way Crimping Tool - RadioShack.com

But just about any tool that says wire stripper should be good.

I’m not sure what the gauge the SE sticks use (MARKMAN, or someone with this knowledge), but after you cut the wire from the pcb you just put the end in between, squeeze the tool and pull the wire.

Edit: didnt notice a page 2 somehow

Goodbye $35, you were going to taste so good…



Man, three orders of shabu shabu for that price?
That is cheap man.

All you can eat on weekdays for $10 at lunch in Dublin :slight_smile:

Wait… Dublin… Georgia?