I just came in 2nd place because I suck at poking



It was against E honda and he played footsies and that just killed my gief. I even beat him first match but second match he played smart and played poking and I couldnt do anything. Fierce K didint reach and the only time i even hit him was jump Fierce. Advice on some great Zangief pokes? His lk didnt reach. Also advice on corner game to please

EDIT-Second place in a tournament. He had to beat him twice and i only needed to beat him once and i still lost


There isn’t much details as to what he was doing and what you were doing. I suggest you try to remember what happened in that fight and replicate it in the training room using the built-in record function. Then, you will be able to find answers to your problems. Hope that helped!


St.MP is the key to pokey e hondas , and pokey vegas(claw); at least for me.


St. MP is lordly. Fast, good damage. And some occasions Ive gotten it to combo 2 in a row.
rarely Ill use st. mk, not too often. Standing HK to move up and quickly spd.
And low shorts to ex hands if possible. I havent had a whole lot of trouble vs Hondas yet.


Standing mp reaches? and standHK is awesome. perfect for short jumpins. and when there jumping back. I feel like i really need to step up the poking/footsie game


Honda should be keeping you out with a lot of nj.fierce and nj.roundhouse - if he’s staying on the ground he’s asking to get fucked up.


Your pokes against Honda should be s.strong, s.short, and the occasional c.forward to close distance. Be sure to whiff punish s.fierces. Make Honda land on a sweep as he’s coming down from neutral j.fierce. My matches against Honda always boil down to him attempting to counter hit my pokes with headbutt. At that point it comes down to baiting headbutts. Blocking a regular headbutt leads to a free green hand punish. Although you can’t punish an ex headbutt, baiting and blocking one makes Honda waste meter so he won’t have it at a more important time.

Also, jump all over Honda’s face if he loses a charge.


MP is the poke you need, I just got jumping pushed out of a tournament.