I just can't beat my brothers Dictator



Anyone here play street fighter IV with some good tips for me? My bro is absolutely blowing me up with M. bison and I play as Chun Li. His moves are just so damn unpredictable. Sometimes I’ll time his headstomps with an air throw but then he’ll just switch it up with a devils reverse or a slide or grab on contact or something. How the am I supposed to win this fight? How can I punish devils reverse? how do I stop the scissor kicks? What should be my goal in this fight?


Devil Reverse whiffs from afar = punish with Ultra 1/dash Ultra 1

I found nj hk and j. hp, hp (air target combo) to work well against head stomp/air to air abuse, aside from the air throw that you mentioned.

Scissors kick (esp. lk version) is pretty hard to get around, but that’s pretty much his thing. It comes down to spacing imo

@Malvadisco plays both characters so he probably knows this match very well.


i feel you have problems with chun at basic levels so doesnt matter what we tell you, you are going to struggle anyways.

That said ill try to elaborate the MU in a easier way, note that if you dont understand something you better read threads on the dojo section.

For me is a 5-5 MU if only chun is using u1 and bison u2. Any other ultra changes some aspects of the MU so be aware of that.


the key for this MU is to keep track of meter management of the bison player even from the start. Does he like to jump? does he uses devil reverse? does he just sits there? etc. this is golden information you can use later. Devil reverse is the classic opening move for bison as smarter ones knows they have to collect as much resources/meter they possibly can, so a free d-reverse es a must. The reason behind this is simple: Bison w/o meter is FREE. In the other hand as a chun player do not throw kikos as a opening move as this is highly risky against a jump or devil reverse, you are just giving positioning free w/o knowing for sure what´s going to do your opponent, in your case you play with your brother you should know what he likes to do in round 1, but even then your best bet is to sit down and watch, DO NOT WALK BACKWARDS JUST TO THROW SOME STUPID KIKO or you will get punished for being dumb.

As I said do not walk backwards specially when you are opening the round if anything challenge him by walking forward as you confirm he is using devil reverse, DO NOT DASH, walk instead. This is a MU where positioning and spacing are KEYS. Devil reverse leaves bison full screen so use this to control the screen by walking forward from here anything can be countered, as he doesnt have meter he can really use any special move w/o being stuffed or out right punished, go to training record this situation so you can get the hand of the posibilities, then make the dummy do full screen special moves (no EX) and try to hit them on reaction with far fierce, sweep or far strong. If you manage to get a knockdown make sure to take advantage of the situation, learn the sweep OS and hazanshu OS to punish teleports and backdash as this is the only true scape for pressure when he doesnt have meter. Rinse and repeat until he has one stock meter.

The above situation is ideal, meaning it will change as the bison player is understanding what are you doing or the bison player knows the mu in such way that he is making the proper decisions, any other opening should be punished accordingly ie. he cant open the round with jump if you are waiting for it and if he is using naked scissors you can stuff it on reactions or whiff punish it as the only scisssors worth using in the opening is the MK version as they hit just once from this distance. Thats why the best option for him is devil reverse, if he is dashing and throwing you thats your fault for example.

Mid match

Some things you got to learn is to whiff punish his st.hk and st.mk, yeah i know crazy, but is doable and the better you can do that the better you can solve this MU, most bison dont use other buttons as they cover all the options with mk and hk, if you can take away those then you have won mid range more than you think. and even then bison far hk can be punished with focus dash into cr.lk BnBs.

Learn the ranges where you can crouch his st.hk so you can punish with sweep and counter poke his st.mk with our st.mp (hard i know). From there you need to learn to identify scissors strenghts, as lk is 0 in block, but mk is -4 and HK/ex are -8 meaning full u1 punish.

Bison does have the same walk speed than us, so while dancing this mu can be tricky, learn to move back and forth to make his pokes wiff and then whiff punish those said pokes, the better you acomplish this concept the better chun you will have.

As the match goes on you will notice that rounds are finishing with TO more often than not, this is because the main game plan of bison is to chip and run away the only time you will see an offensive bison is when you are cornered by doing unsafe stuff like dashing after kikos etc, so you will have to get used to chase him a lot, one of the best clockers in the game is bison for this very reason, when he has meter you have to respect his options to a point, if you happen to have u1 you can punish almost everything he has use the dummy to learn the timing on ex psicho, ex scissors, teleport, backdash and devil reverse, yes you can punish that too, technically you can punish stomp but is way too tricky to relay on that but you can use other punish in that case.

As a reminder, you can use cr.mp and sweep to punish devil reverse on the way down use the dummy. Whenever you see bison with ultra stocked avoid jumping you will notice they are helling attack (j.mp) to fish any jump to use ultra afterwards, so punish those silly jumps. In the same page if baison is playing u2 avoid kikos or youll get punished.


The most difficult part of the mu is getting out of the corner or keeping bison in there. For the most part you have to understand that you need to BLOCK a lot in the corner you cant press buttons unless you know 100% you can, and the only way is practice, use the dummy and record it doing cr.lk from 1 to 3 and then lk scissors, try to loop the sequence so you can learn that the more cr.lks he uses the less blocked scissors loops he can do ie. cr.lk, cr.lk, cr.lk xx lk scissors, cr.lk the last cr.lk will hit only if you are crouching and or pressing buttons, but cr.lk xx scissors, cr.lk xx lk scissors will hit regardless of what you do so block until he cant loop any more scissors. Tipically the bison players knows this so when he knows he cant use scissors he will use st.hk to catch jumpers, st.mk to hit crouchers, Ex something to backdashers, etc. record all these situations and learn how to counter them. Prop tip: sweep, st.mp, far fierce, cr.lk, cr.mp and cr.mk are good buttons to press against naked scissors aka cr.lk xx lk scissors, lk scissors the second scissor is naked because it can be stuffed granting us a counter hit and a opportunity to change sides, look for this because he needs at least a couple to keep the loop going, the meter buildind and the chip.


Bison does have a few tricks that most ppl buy everytime like cross up psico crusher, after any lk knockdown he can use any crusher, hp and mp does cross up but only if you** quick rise**, try to avoid the use of quick rise if you dont have meter, if you have you can use reversal ex SBK to punish any attempt of cross crusher.

In the corner he can throw you and then whiff either cr.mk or cr.mp then jump with either mk or hp, this is a reverse blockable on most MU, it doesnt work that well on metered chun, but it can be used to keep you guessing as well timed j.mk stuff reversal SBK.

set ups

bison safe jumps and OS are pretty poor, he have to eyeball every set up agaisnt chun for the most part, he does have an unblockable tho but only works on meterless chun IIRC.

Our set ups are not that great tbh, but we have better options, after f.throw walk j.hp target combo OS Hasanshu will punish reversal teleport but will whiff against everything else, use this when bison is meterless.

other set up is f.throw dash, j.hp target combo os throw to grab his reversal Psicho, the timing is not hard, but you need to practice, you deffenitly want to do this to keep bison honest with his reversal options as ex scissors from this set up w/o the OS is blocked and punished with reversal u1.

and remember, bison combeback potential is pretty shitty, if you happen to have the life lead do not take any risk, let him chase you, and punish him for doing it.

I think with this is enough for now


Wow excellent advice. This whole time I’ve been using ultra 2.


Either Ultra will do in this matchup imo, but U1 does shut down more stuff


Figures this was on a tuesday as well.


So I took your advice on the matchup, started doing a lot more pressure normal combos, minimized the kikokens, and always punished his devils reverse with the ULtra 1 and ended up beating him 5-2. =)




And if you really want on rain on the Bison parade, use Guile


that mu is not that hard tho

you just can’t play standard bison tactics