I just cant footsie

No matter what I do, I fail (This is SFIV related btw). So im Boxer and my opponent is Cody. I am walking in and out of range of cr.roundhouse distance and my opponent is walking foward so I say to myself “time to punish walking foward!” I throw out the sweep and wouldnt you know it 99% percent of the fucking time he is already jumping towards me and I eat a huge jump in combo because my cr.roundhouse is in recover frames so blocking becomes well useless.

I read posts like “STOP JUMPING!” and I abide by it trying to respect but I see so many people body me with jump-in combos thats it not even funny. I mean whats the point of walking in and out of range if im just going to get a jump-in. Ive tryed anti-airing it with cr.fierce but it trades and im even more mind fucked and frustrated.

Im at my wits end sometimes and I know I get no respect for my boxer play because I barely even poke and play footsies. I end up turtling down-back then wouldnt you know it, they walk up and throw me. :-(.

“Doctor, doctor, every time I throw a c.RH at midscreen they jump and get a full combo on me and it HURTS.”
“So don’t press c.RH midscreen anymore”.

Anyways you are either just reacting too late to the walk forward, pressing c.HP too late so it trades, or letting them get into too close of a range where c.RH is too slow and a jump will make you trade.

Work on reactions, practice anti airs, or don’t let them get in range with faster, shorter pokes such as c.jab.

You might want to try just walking forward, blocking, and then just react to what your opponent does. If he whiffs a poke, sweep him. If he jumps, do cr. fierce. Footsies doesn’t have to be about pressing buttons, just maintain the spacing that suits your character, be patient, and let your opponent defeat himself.

Footsies is difficult. Something with a long animation like a sweep is the perfect thing to jump in at, and its not like walking forward has any recovery. Maybe in the mean time use moves with faster start up to punish someone walking in, although if your anti air game isn’t strong you won’t be giving your opponent reason to walk towards you instead of jumping.

Watch your opponent for patterns. Whiff other crouching normals to bait a jump if he is looking for a c.rh etc. Its all about adapting and jumping is an option, problem is most new players use jump too much.

Thanks to all the replys btw, the newbie forum is awesome because if you suck its okay (well kinda). I jump in way too much and I think its because there is more reward then error. “The guy before me got a reward so it will work for me!!” and I try to break this habit because I KNOW ITS WRONG but in the heat of battle (like at a tournament) I just fold and im already mindfucked before the announcer says “fight!”.

Heres my problem, I end doing part 1 of what you said and then I turtle. I turtle and I feel like such a bad player that I have to throw something out or ill be tagged a “camper”. ugh. Seroiusly sometimes I feel like my biggest opponent is my mind.

Rule #1: Be patient.
Rule #2: Never throw the same move twice.

That’s all I got. Don’t get labeled by stereotypes, play what works. Some players are overly aggressive and it’s actually very effective to turtle and bait out aggressive attacks then punish hard. Play as the match dictates. Be water, not rock.

First of all, read this to get a better idea of what footsies are:


One chapter covers this specific Boxer v. Cody problem that you highlighted in your first paragraph. Cody anticipated your use of cr.RH at that range, probably because you did it far too often in the match, and punished you for it. What you can do to prevent this is to bait out his jump-in, and then punish with Boxer’s excellent anti airs (cr.FP, or st.mp). Test your opponent’s reactions and playstyle by seeing what pokes, jumps, or special moves he will do at which ranges. See how he reacts to your light attacks. Many opponents whiff light attacks in front of their opponent to see how they’ll respond, and from there, you can figure out how they like to play footsies, and come up with a counter strategy. Boxer’s jab is his greatest tool, and you can use it to stuff their pokes, bait out their jump ins, and interchange it with st.fp, st.rh, or cr.rh to keep them guessing.

You cannot allow Cody to jump in on you, he does WAY too much damage off of his frame traps, and learning to play a strong zoning game with boxer is the first step you should work on. People tell you to stop jumping, because it’s considered a high risk, high reward move. Think about it, you lose control of your character and the ability to block for a split second…that’s dangerous…but sometimes it’s worth the risk if you’re able to get close to your opponent and land big damage.

Trades aren’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s important to think of your health as a resource, one that allows you to gain the lead and possibly the win on a drawn-out match, and it also gives you some leeway to make some minor risks and allow for trades.

Footsies is not something you’re going to learn overnight, it’s something you develop over years of play. Suppress your urge to always use cr.RH, and rely on your other fast-pokes, solid normal anti-airs, and your dash punch to do damage.

Who cares what other players think? Do what it takes to win.

In that situation, you don’t really have to do anything. Cody was a very slow walkspeed. What can he realistically do to you when he’s coming straight at you? If you just block and react to jumpins then Cody will have to take much more risks than you (Focus Attack bait, random zonk FADC etc), and he’ll have to think harder about his approach as well.

Pick up you’re jacket…put it on…take it off

Being creative helps with footsies. If your standard footsies are not working in a certain matchup, try other normals or different ranges. If you dance around in sweep range, it’s quite a clear hint to the opponent that you might be looking to land a sweep. Surprise them and do something else.

In many matchups, it’s a good idea to just tap standing jab a couple times seemingly at random since it has really good range and hitbox, if they run into it, you can link into sweep (tough hitconfirm, but possible), if they jump, you recover with more than enough time to AA… Your biggest worry is maybe taking a single hit from surprise fireball, a well-timed normal that happens to trade or stuff your jab (does anything stuff Boxer’s jab?), or in the worst case a sweep because you’re not blocking low. Not very likely to happen unless you keep mashing jab all the time. I don’t play Boxer, but Ryu can do this as well, and it’s pretty good.

And as others have said, you can bait jumpins with a faster normal that looks like a sweep, like c.mk.

Thats another big problem of mine, ive only been playing seroius for like a year now and I beat up on myself because I wonder if im getting better or worse. I forget how most of you vets have been playing for YEARS. I have to tell myself over and over again that this isnt something that you just pick up and learn overnight.

dude you’re balrog. lame is good

in fact, the lamer you play, the better. you dont become js master or pr balrog overnight, you need to have your foundations in extremely fundamental, basic play. embrace being a camper. embrace making people hate your guts. eventually people will stop calling you lame or a turtle, and start to call you solid

if you’re sweeping and getting jumped in on, walk into that range and hit st.hp instead, or st.hk. hell, use jab. dont worry about c.hp trading, you’re gonna trade with that forever until you truely get the idea of the move and it starts beating things. a trade is better than getting jumped in on and blocking, most of the time. it forces the opponent to respect that at least htey’re not getting free damage every time they jump in on you. if you find you’re having trouble getting c.hp out in time, you can also use standing mp as an antiair - this is really good against people trying to cross you up because it comes out really really fast.

mainly though, the reason you’re getting jumped in on is probably your spacing. try to stay like an inch further away from people than you normally would - this will give you more time to react to their jumps, and let you get that c.hp out

hope this helps

Footsies is like feinting and baiting. You have to do that with a plan, don’t just throw stuff out there.

I’ve baited out throws specials supers and even ultras just by tapping down on the stick repeatedly.

I’ve scared opponents into not jumping by doing the same with ryu since I was DPing every jump in without a care in the world. then it turned into crMK’s… then it turned into overheads.

you’re using balrog.

Get them in the corner. Down back. it’s like you saying “what are you gonna do now, chump?”

You can’t play footsies untill your AA is solid. If you are letting people jump in on you why would they choose to play footsies. You need to let people know jumping at you is a good way for their life bar to go bye bye. Then good players will stay grounded and bad players will just lose.

Don’t get down on yourself, just work hard and you’ll quickly see improvements in your game. Everybody has to start somewhere, but you have the edge, because you have a HUGE source of information for this kind of stuff. Imagine if there were no forums, no guides, no footsies articles, and no match videos, you’d have to figure it out on your own or learn from a buddy of yours. You have all the information and help you can get in order to quickly level up your game, now the only thing that’s left is to practice it. As long as you’re willing to train with a set goal, an organized plan for accomplishing that goal, and the perseverance to shrug off a loss and learn from it, you’ll improve faster than most guys do who have been playing this game from Vanilla.

To get a more indepth understanding of Super Sick CaSE’s Boxer, I have provided video footage.

Match #1:

Match #2-- against Chris Hu (pre-2012):

Match#3-- against Wolfkrone (pre-2012):


What’s up, sir :tup:

If you’re getting most of your training online, you might develop bad habits. You can’t really whiff punish or anti-air well if you have to worry about lag. In addition, I have noticed that you beat up on yourself a lot.

I play Sick Case every now and then at a local tournament. I know you do try, but also remember that more time =/= more skill at footsies or skill at all, for that matter. IMO, playing footsies is difficult because there are so many variables that you have to be aware of in a short period of time that you have to consider and then act. For example, in Boxer vs Boxer, before you even throw that dash punch, you have to think: “Am I spaced properly so that if he blocks this he can’t punish? Will it whiff? Is he sitting on meter for an EX to blow through my dash punch? Is he sitting on a charge?” and so on and so on - it’s ridiculous.What you have to learn how to do is take the important things into account, decide the best logical option to take - a feat difficult by itself - and then execute it. And then do that over and over again until you win.

A great way to get better at understanding this is by playing a long set with someone and focusing specifically on one aspect - eg, punishing your opponent’s whiffed normals, trying to observe a pattern, etc.

I’d be glad to play a long set sometime at TapEx man. Just let me know.

Sooo I don’t get it. Is this a troll post? Because the Super Sick Case I see in the videos is pretty solid, no? I thought this was the newbie section?