I just cant take it anymore


Ive tried so hard to get good at this game, and nothing seems to work. I just got a stick, and ive been through and tried to learn all the basics and more… yet i can just never seem to pull out a win. Im just down i guess, im in the middle of oklahoma, there is no scene near me, no friends that have played and fighting games. What can i do? Or should i just admit im a scrub for life and quit?


I’m not from the USA, but I find it hard to believe there is no scene in Oklahoma. I live in Perth Australia, and SURPRISINGLY I found out there was a scene there. As far as winning it just takes time to be honest, and even if you DIDN’T win too much against others later it’s no reflection on you - some people are just ‘built’ for things more than others. I would reccomend playing online allot and starting there. I myself began 6 years ago on SF3 and at that time before the ‘SFIV boom’ everyone who played SF3 was very, very good as it actually was a turn-off for casuals players and has been around for many years (so I know how you feel!).

Perhaps you should do some matches on Xbox Live/PC’s Game for Window’s Live and then film it on screen/capture it, upload it here, and I’ll see what constructive criticism can be given?

In the meantime, take care :slight_smile:


Did you ever check the regional boards?


^^ the only thing this perth scrub got right is to play online (Western Australia only have one damn good costume store, I got my scorpion and bison costumes there). also, you should feel ashamed that you’re no good at sf4 when 9yr olds and worm boys are beating tournament pros


Watch the pro’s.


how long have you been playing?


your gonna quit on your life because ur bad at a fighting game? dude…


the odd thing about ssfiv is, the more you learn about the game, the worse you get.
this game was only fun for me when i was a beginner/intermediate and just had my own little technique.


Dude, just have fun. I started playing again after picking AE from Steam for cheap and I’ve played 23 games with Dan. I’ve won 6. I’m not even trying to win, I’m just going into games and having a blast. I wish more people would talk so I’m not just having fun myself. I probably won’t ever play another character because just doing this as Dan is so enjoyable. People probably think I’m stupid because I’m playing a competitive gaming and not trying, but I’m sucking on purpose and having fun, while many people are trying their hardest and rage so much. Now ask me again who the better person is.


Don’t even know how you interpreted “Or should i just admit im a scrub for life and quit?” as suicidal (?) or something.

Regardless, OP, just fucking play for the fun of it. Pick a nice character, learn the very basics, just play over and over, and relax. It’s a game, online at that. Has no meaning other than that, which you give to it.


Just keep playing man…

The more you play and see the matchups etc. the more you will learn and in turn end up winning more often.

Main thing is HAVE FUN! if it gets to the point that you aren’t having fun than I would put it down.


Thats true. when I was winning I had no idea how to do focus attacks, FADC or absorb hits. Now that I do them I lose even more. I also notice that the guys I lose against dont resort to such methods unless they are very good. though such risky moves make the game more exciting.

I follow the same mentality.I fare even worse. I might lose 20 games and not win even one and this with better characters. Still other people mistake this for stuborness, when in fact I am not even angry at all.


Learning mechanics, strategies, etc. only takes you so far. You have to get a feel for the game, especially when most people who play it now have had the game for quite some time. It’s a steep uphill battle, but totally worth it.

I don’t win a lot of matches online, but compared to when I first started playing, my matches are far more competitive than they used to be. I still have a ways to go, but I definitely feel some progress has been made, and I bet the same could be said for you if you go and take a look back at your first matches you ever played.


3 Words Fuck this game, Glad I only play this online on my iphone, If I payed retail price for this I would be pissed.

1.The Fucking difficulty level is so shitty. If you play normal you can whoop ass easy, then I thought Hard was hard as fuck till I started defending more, but grueling is fucking bullshit. CPU has god reaction, it is designed to punish anything you do, you get punished for max damage on pokes. The fucking CPU blocks every single one of your attacks. The shitty ass dojo teaches you to jump in and combo, but good luck trying to do that shit without being fucked up, by FADC ultras and max damage punish combos.

2.If the single player difficulty level isn’t enough Online is shit. One matchmaking is broken, good players make new accounts so you get matched up with fucks who have been playing this game forever, I put the level on same skill and I was facing some fucker with 115 days played on iphone SSIV VOLT the fuck!!!?

2.(cont.) Street fighter is bullshit with its projectiles, and zoning bullshit, Fireball to keep you away stay there and get chipped, try to jump over and get fucked up by uppercut->FADC-> EX uppercut. If you block you get constantly attacked so you can actually stay alive, but then they either, hit you with an overhead, FA, or throw then you are fucked. Try to combo on offense and you will get 2 hits in then your opponent will hit out of it,but when you are being comboed I may as well put the phone down, becuase I know big damage is coming and half my life is gone with one combo.

  1. Game is just bullshit, Akuma unblockable ultra combo? Sagats fireballs/zoning are bullshit. All your attacks get blocked, and you get punished for max damage off of pokes.

4.I can’t get more than one hit in because this is the flow of a game online.

Start the match. I jump away/backup Move to poke distance I block. I try to punish his poke and I’m out of reach, get comboed for max damage half of HP gone, stuck in the corner with constant pressure, all my attacks get blocked then I get comboed.


Get zoned out eat fireballs from akuma/Sagat, then get uppercutted comboed game rinse and repeat.

Not to mention all your attacks get blocked which is bullshit, and the combos the dojo teaches you don’t fucking work!

1.Jump in combos are unsafe as fuck(Not only are you fucking vulnerable in the air, you have to wait for the perfect moment for an attack to connect. Even I can punish that with an uppercut/Dragon punch.)

2.Focus attacks leave you vulnerable and every single attack can go thru a fucking FA, prepare for big combo then you lose.

3.Try to do kens two hit punching combo with out getting fucked up, and thats how the dojo tells you to start out most of your combos, have a good laugh when most characters pokes will fuck you up before you get close.

4.Teching is impossible, pretty much techs are luck off of throws, you have like .1 of reaction time to do it(yeah)

Fighting games require you to either have no life(see 115 days played on iPhone street fighter.)

Street Fighter IV friendly to casuals my ass.