I just don't understand


What is so different between games like UMvC3 and games like SSFIV AE?

I mean, I can combo just fine in UMvC3, but it just doesn’t happen in SSFIV AE.

What mechanic am I missing or am blind to that I can’t understand how to combo in SF?


Because Marvel isn’t Street Fighter anymore than say Mortal Kombat or Tekken is.

They most basic types of combos done in UMvC3 are called chain combos where you can just press a series of buttons and get a combo out of it.

In Street Fighter,4 AE being what we’re specifically referring to here,doesn’t have chain combos like that. It does have chains,but not in the same way that UMvC3 has them. In SF4 most combos are done in what’s referred to as linking. You land a normal attack that leaves you at a frame advantage with enough to time to combo into another attack as long as it’s start up time is within the span of the advantage off of your previous move.

I suggest that you look at the FG glossary thread here:

It can help you understand the different terms and basic mechanics of different games a little bit better.

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EDIT: I know that you’re specifically asking more about the differences between those 2 games,but learning the different terms and mechanics will help you understand better.


This is a little oversimplified, but SF4 almost requires that you learn links to have any success at the game; Marvel, on the other hand, will allow you to “mash combos” to a certain extent, which is a trait of higer speed games. The reason your combos don’t work in Street fighter is most likely because you are expecting the hits to cancel into each other, and you are not linking them. For links you have to move at the games pace because the game will not move at yours.


UMVC3 has a more lenient combo system, since a variety of attacks are able to be “chained” together, which don’t require much strict timing on your part, except if you’re trying to do advanced combos.

SF4 requires a bit more patience and practice in order to lock down the exact timing for how to do certain combos. It also helps to learn the difference between a ‘cancel’ and a ‘link’, and how the timing varies between the two.

But my advice is that if you want to be able to perform well in SF, try to ignore doing complex combos. Learn a basic 3-hitter combo and practice it until you’re able to do it easily and comfortably. It’s FAR FAR FAR more important that you understand the strategic aspects of fighting games in general, as opposed to just doing cool combos. After all, the majority of the time, you’re not going to be able to do a free combo on a live opponent.


not trying to be an ass but just to kind of put your execution abilities in perspective by “i can combo just fine” do you mean you can LMHS MMHS OTG assist SUPER, because if you dont then i dont get whats so hard about SF4’s combo system i have sub-par execution and i competed like 99 percent of the trials only missing like 7 or 8 trials in ae


How can you not see the almost apocalyptic differences between a game like Marvel and Street Fighter? Have you ever played either of them?


MvC3: 3 hit jab Combo, Weak…



with Link combos in SF4 compaired to chain combos in marval, a chain combo most attack animations can be canceled by pressing a higher attack button. With a link in SF4 you have to wait for an animation to finish before you start the next move. An example with Ryu in SF4 you can link 2 crouching medium punches then cancel the second mP into a special move.


I own both, but I just recently bought SSFIV AE (by recently, I mean this Friday) and I have never played any version of SFIV for very long, and the only other version I touched was vanilla SFIV.

I know I have to ‘link’, and buy looking up the terms, I now understand what that is now. Is there a way to know all the frame data for each of a characters moves, so to know which are good, which are bad, and which are situational?


The AE section on the SRK wiki will have all the frame data you’ll need. You can also go to your character’s subforum and look up his/her’s combo threads.



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Oh wait… Anyways, the two games are completely different. You actually have to time links in SF and in Marvel you don’t really have to time anything unless its a setup or requires you to wait for a move to finish and etc…


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Frame data is a very useful tool for discovering specific setups, frame traps, learning a good block string, etc etc.

But frame data alone isn’t going to help much unless you practice, practice, practice, practice, practice.


I’m pretty sure there’s a thread somewhere on here where the links to download the frame data for all the characters are in it. Can’t remember where, though.


UMVC3 uses the chain combo system, meaning to combo, you need to press button 1 then quickly press button 2
SSF4 uses the link combo system, meaning to combo, you need to press button 1, and wait for that attack to end, then press button 2

simply, it’s harder to combo in SSF4 because strict timing is needed


Their differences are in the timing of the button presses. In marvel you can hit L M H S quickly and the hits “chain” together. In SF alot of times you have to wait just a click from one punch or kick to the next. This is especially true when following up a normal move with another normal. Thus “linking” them as opposed to “chaining” them together. Keep in mind though thats not always the case, and every character is different (You might like Ibuki or Dudley who have “target combos” you can learn from their move lists in the pause menu.Target combos are basically chains). Also, a good amount of normals can be chained into specials, supers, or ultras. Alot of special moves can be chained into super moves.

If youre playing as Ryu for example you can chain crouching medium kick into hadouken. You can throw a jump in heavy kick before that and chain all 3 moves, but in order to do jump in heavy kick into crouching light punch into crouching medium kick into hadouken you have to delay just a bit between the lp and mk ( jump in hk, cr.lp, wait just a hair, cr.mk into hadouken). Some links require different timing. Certain links require very specific and unforgiving timing. Some characters have different timing to their links because the timing of the animation of everyones moves are different. I believe most characters trials 7 and 8 are just 2 normal moves linked together. The SF series gets some flak here and there for linking being difficult to master but once you get the timing and practice doing it alot, most things become fairly easy to pull off. It is a bit tricky when you first start out but the more you try the easier it gets. Hope this was of help. I tried to avoid being too technical or vague. Alot of vets on the board forget what its like starting out and that not every one is familiar with all the lingo since its become second nature to them. Plus after being so good for so long its hard for others to break down and look back to simplify how things are done. It all becomes more muscle memory than anything else. Its like how if youve played an instrument for years and someone tells you to make noise you have to think about it for a sec lol. 

Good luck man, some good info above me to help you take it to the next level. Looking into frame data might be getting a bit ahead of yourself this soon though, Id say trials then training are where you want to start. Dont get down on yourself if you have trouble, the reward of getting it right consistently is well worth the initial aggravation and tediousness of learning it and remember, Practice makes perfect.


I’m thankful for all the support, and I have discovered that who is Ibuki, and I am enjoying her alot right now. I will practice linking with Dan and Sagat just to get better at it in the future, and I may check out Dudley.