I just downloaded a 304kb update for 360


what’s the deal?


Perhaps making fun of all the people waiting for the big patch


that makes me sad.


I will end you.


I started up SkullGirls after i read this post. No update. I have a few conclusions.

  1. You’re trolling
  2. You cleared your update cache for some reason and you had to redownload the old update that fixed problems no one would have ever encountered
  3. You got a new xbox or transferred hard drvies, having the same result as #2
  4. You havent played Skullgirls on xbox since before that first patch came out


Back at launch, 360 Skullgirls had a small patch that fixed some issues using Guitar controllers and Flight Sticks. That’s the patch you just downloaded.

It has nothing to do with the Slightly Different Edition we’re all waiting for.


Guitar controllers? WHY DIDN’T ANYBODY TELL ME ABOUT THIS!?!?!?!


I play on Xbox almost daily so it can’t be the last 3 and I’m not trolling. I don’t event remember how to clear cache. I just got some random update I guess :confused:


happened again.

**No I didn’t delete my cache, maybe my xbox is just stupid. **


Whatever it is, it’s certainly not the patch everyone’s waiting for.


I got this patch awhile back too. I live in an apartment with 4 other guys and we have 3 xbox’s in the apartment. I got the patch on the xbox in the living room but not the one in my room. It’s an old patch, you just re-downloaded it for some reason.


Patch is live guys! Go go go!!


You might actually have problems with you hard drive. Before I upgraded to a bigger drive, my previous one could only hold 3 or 4 updates at a time. So I was constantly redownloading patches


ACTUAL XBOX PATCH IS OUTTTT FINALLLYYY… Wow. the SG forums sure are dead… I can’t believe i can’t find a single post about it. checks dustloop