I just fired someone. (need advice)

Alright. I’ve worked for a bit in some Ad company, and we have one small bathroom at the end of the 4th floor with only one toilet seat, ass washer, and sink.

So, it all started when I went to the bathroom right after one of my coworkers. Expecting common decency I just sit down on the seat only to feel the moist warm wetness of his piss on my ass. This made me furious, and after I called him into the restroom and showed him the amount of piss he left on the toilet seat and fired him for it.

Now, he’s usually been hard working guy in the office. We’re MEN! We’re not supposed to make a big messes by spraying shit, cum, and piss all over the toilet seat. Besides, mutual respect for the cleanliness of bathrooms should be expected, eh?

Did I do the right thing SRK?

You sat in piss.

I laugh at you.

Nah, I think you did the wrong thing. You could have just told the dude to clean up his mess and not let it happen again. Seems like he was a good employee, its a shame really. You should have went a bit easier, its just piss.