I just found a use for dp+k!

against guile! you know that annoying thing he does when you are full screen across, and he throws out a jab sb, then dashes in behind it and does that fag kick? it fucks that whole thing up!

if you time it properly, you go right over the sb and crack him right on the skull at the end of the second dash. its awesome!

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SINFEST BOY LIVES! dude post in stl or sumthin.

Use it with her mixup. Condition them to continue blocking your poke strings with shit like cr.short, cr.jab, cr.short, fp hadou spark, s.roundhouse or Dive Kick, s.fierce, fp hadou spark. Then when you got that cr.short, cr.jab, cr.short action going, go into DP+K and QUICKLY cancel it. Punch throw when you land. Or something.:bluu:

found another use for it, works great on wiffed dragon punches, as soon as he misses just dp-k follow him up there and p,p,p works even on shoto jab-dp’s you can catch them before they hit the grab and have time to dp again.

^ wouldn’t it be more reasonable to wait for them to get back to the ground and do a combo that does more damage?

Another use for it is when they are dizzied and have 1 pixel of life left.:smiley: :lol:

Even still i’d rather taunt… :smiley:

You know, you’d think this move is a perfect reversal for Sagat’s tiger knees… but it ain’t.

Bah. Sagat, go kill yourself.

I’ve done dp+k, punch right before landing so you get better recovery, then tick throw before… that’s about it.

IIRC I believe it combos from a close st.short.

dp+k has practical uses

As I mentioned earlier just to reiterate, the dp+k move can be used to punished wiffed JAB shoryuken’s (even Ken’s) and this is the most damaging of her special moves believe it or not. As for the uses of this move they are few and far between, but it is best to think of this move like Iori or Kyo’s recca combos, you can wiff the first punch and when they stick something out to punish, you can use the other two punches. This can also be used to avoid fireballs, and some low footsie games as well. If activated fast enough it can be used to punish wiffed Sagat or Blanka c.fp, but this is risky. Overall as I mentioned this can be a usefull move since it has an unusuall/alterable flight path for Sakura, and secondly since this move it rarely used you can use the “WTF?” factor to your advantage as a surprise, by adding this to your arsenal of techniques it adds a new dimension to Sakura’s rushdown/mindgames.


the roundhouse is a great chase game anti air i know i know just try it and hit me back