I just got a SSFIV TE Stick

I been playing fighting games since street fighter 2 in the arcade. I never been a fan of the arcade stick. I always loved the controller, but as I have gotten older my friends are telling me to get a TE stick id like to know what you guys think

Your title contradicts your question.

The TE sticks are great. Ultimately, sticks > controllers in my opinion but there can be a huge learning curve for some people that have been playing with controllers for years. Then again there are people who play professionally and use a standard PS3 pad. You just have to try 'em both thoroughly and then decide what’s best for you.

It’s a great investment. :slight_smile:


I think you made the right choice.

Now you have to spend time in the office to get your inputs down and what not. It’ll be frustrating in the beginning (I’m still learning, also), but you’ll feel a lot better once you get accustomed to playing on the Joystick.

All about opinion and preference.

People will say “ZOMG STICK IS SO MUCH BETTER” but really it’s a matter of opinion. It’s dependent on what YOU enjoy, what you’re comfortable with, and possibly who you play. I’m not going to lie, some characters are MUCH easier on a stick, when you can use more fingers to hit buttons.

If you like pad that much, you may want to consider getting a good fight pad. If you use PS3, the Hori Fighting Commander 3 is awesome. Not much going on for pads on the 360, but the MadCatz fightpads are okay at best… But you could always have someone dual mod a FC3, like I did. Mine works on PS3 and 360 now, and it’s amazing.

read the stickies

Booty Clapper pretty much hit it on the dot. The question is contradicted. Nevertheless, you have to decide it for yourself. Imo, it’s a amazing asset. At the same time, it’s all about preference. There isn’t nothing you can’t do on a pad vs a controller but chances are that it is a billion times more difficult to do things on pad vs stick. PLinking being one of them.

I was a pad warrior up until I got my TE. I plan on getting 3 more just to have extras