I just got back from GVR for the weekend... some helpful shit for EVO


so i took my girl to GVR for the weekend coz it really is a goddam nice place.

some random shit that may be of use to you guys.

  • If you booked a room, make sure its in the EAST tower and not the WEST. There are plenty of reasons for this. The most important is that because the WEST tower was built first, all TV’s are shitty cart tv’s with the A/V inputs behind the tv BLOCKED so you cant hook up your consoles. Since the EAST tower is NEWER, roughly 80% of the EAST tower has flat screen tube TV’s with the AV hook up in the FRONT of the TV. Other bonuses of being in EAST include speakers in bathrooms, so you can hear your friends playing Marvel while you shit or shower. They dont got that in the West tower. East tower also overlooks the pool. I actually went to the hotel lobby today and had my room changed from West to East for EvO. You all should do the same. I did it no problem.

-All rooms come with one bathrobe per BED. All rooms have a BOSE cd player with MP3 jack so you can bring your ipod or cds. All rooms do NOT have a lock on bathroom door, so if you showering, be weary of people getting in there to check out your dong. All rooms have a fridge filled with drinks and a basket full of snacks, and a tray with shit like Grey Goose bottles, Olives, etc. Obviously, dont get any of that shit because it will seriously cost you a shitload.

-The pool is godlike. There’s actually 3 pools. One large ass one that has sand so it feels like a ghetto beach. about 5 ft deep all around. There are beds everywhere around the pool so you can jump in the pool, get out, and just nap on a big ass futon with pillows. Theres also another pool with a minibar and cabanas/TVs/futons above the larger pool. This pool is more adult oriented. THe third pool is just really a wading pool that you can stick a lounge chair in and hang out.

So the cheapest place to get drinks at GVR is the sports bar, where two drinks wont run you more than $12. The bar next to the pool is pretty steep, with two drinks running about $18. IF youre gonna drink at the pool, i reccomend getting it from the bar itself and not relying on the swimsuit clad waitresses. I shit you not i ordered drinks for my girl and me from the pool and the drinks came 55 mins later. The Whiskey Bar/Nightclub is pretty much poppin every night, but drinks there are the priciest. I highly reccomend drinking in the room before you hit up the Whiskey (dress code enforced btw). As for the pool, they really dont care if you bring your own drinks down, so keep it subtle atleast. Like some jack in half a coke bottle or some gatorade vodka mixture in a gatorade bottle like i did two years ago… as long as you aint luggin a big grey goose bottle down, youre fine.

Random GVR shit -
Places to eat. If you get hungry, in the casino theres a panda express, a smoothie place, a mexican place, a fatburger, a cafe, a market buffet, and an ice cream parlor.

if you got some money, theres also a pricey place called Hank’s Steakhouse and some sushi place called Sushi Sake inside the casino.

only two food places are open 24 hours, which is fatburger and the grand cafe. I actually reccomend the cafe. they got good eats for less than $10.

  • Within walking distance of the casino, theres a shopping district, some restaurants (AFAIK, Claim Jumper, Lucille’s BBQ, A Whole Foods Market [kinda like a trader joes], PF Changs, and a Cheesecake factory. Within driving distance is a couple liquor stores/walmart etc.

For anybody that got their room at Vegas.com and got that $50 gift card, know that the card is only good at a COUPLE of places in their shopping district, and last i checked, it was only Cheesecake factory, PF Changs, and a Sharper Image.
The card is NO good in the casino itself.

-Valet parking is free for the person whose name the room is under. I highly reccomend taking advantage of this if you can because the valet is right next to regisration/pool/tower elevators/casino. Just remember to tip the valet guy a couple bucks everytime you go out.

-For you poker players.
The newly completed poker room is RIGHT above the EvO room (granted that evo is in the same room it was in last time) The place gets pretty poppin everynight, although when i was there, the only games going were 4-8 and NL.

dont forget this shit… I was getting carded like a mother fucker all weekend. theyre actually pretty gay about this shit but really what can you do.

GVR to Strip and Back -

This trip takes less than 7 mins. Just take the 215 W which is right next to GVR which takes you to las vegas blvd. or if you take 215 W to 15N, that will take you to Tropicana Blvd. If you dont have a car, GVR has free shuttles every two hours going to/coming from the strip.

For you guys from Socal that are driving up, directions will tell you to exit St. Rose parkway from the 15N. The only problem is, with construction, you will not see the exit sign and more than likely you will miss it, coz it happened to me. I actually found that the fastest way to get there is to drive past the exit. 15N will take you to the 215E. Merge onto that and exit Green Valley Parkway. its much easier, much faster.

oh… and i should mention that vegas is hot as fucking balls right now. at night its a cool 88 degrees. so be prepared.

if i remember more shit ill let you know but thats the gist of shit i wanted to let SRK know about.

Oh i also forgot to mention that they charge the resort fee AFTER you check out. so thats 19.99 plus tax per night. dont forget to factor that in if you stayin with hella ppl.


thanks a lot nam with all that info. good shit.


You deserve a freaking medal for this man. You sir, are both a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks homie.

4-8 is rich for me in poker, but not as bad as I predicted it would be there. May actually play a bit, see how it goes.


thx. :tup:


thanks for the info ! lots of help. random note hopefully you will be able to answer. is GVR really strict about who uses the pool? do they card you for your room card if you try to go swimming? I might have some guests visiting that are not staying at GVR and want to use the pool. will this be a problem? thanks again for the sick info <3


doesnt matter how large the group is, you need to flash atleast one room card. really all it is is some punk teenager lifeguard just seeing that you have a room key. but to answer your question, yes they are strict.

oh and thanks for whoever stickied


Good shit about the shuttle to the strip. I think the hotel im in (not GVR) is on the strip, so that would save me some cab fair.


i have no idea who you are, but you just earned some cool points with me. i will be printing your guide for my evo trip and i strongly recommend that all others do the same.

btw if you want a guide for evo east next year…all i can recommend is to not have it at that same shitty hotel again :rofl:


you need a room key for the free shuttle, so you still lose


Ooof. Anyone want to get an extra room key to give me so i can use the shuttle? :lovin:

Im staying with FunkDOC and I think his hotel is the Golden Nugget. Whatever, well figure it out one way or another.


i played against you in 3s at ECC with the fucked up HRAP with my shitty Yun.

im also aka nammmmmmmmmmmm on irc


you beat me didnt you.

how dare you sir


i take it all back, you are a huge dick :looney:


Don’t lose to Nam. I didn’t.


in my defense i was probably drunk


goood shit, hopefully my room is booked in the east.


you have no idea how huge.


six point four eight. alphaism radio we got GIRTH!


Does the shuttle run 24 hours a day? Or only at certain times? And is their a shuttle form the airport to GVR?


GVR ROCKSSSSSSSS ;x There’s also a Wingstop inside of it. Good wings <3 =)