I just got fired (need advice)

Alright. I’ve worked for a bit in some Ad company, and we have one small bathroom at the end of the 4th floor with only one toilet seat, ass washer, and sink.

Now i’ve had this 20+ habit of not putting toilet seat up while taking a piss, much more when i’m in a hurry. Sometimes i don’t even bother to notice things while making wee-wee. Anyway, when i was done, my boss goes into the restroom after me. After, he calls me into the restroom and shows me the amount of piss i left on the toilet seat and apparently he sat on it and fires me for it.

Now, i’ve been hard working guy in the office, and i’ve been praised for being so good but ya we have our days of bath room accidents. We’re MEN! We’re not supposed to make a big deal out of that shit only bitches do that… Sometimes, the hose sprays in two ways that their is still going to be pee splashes regardless of the toilet seat being up or not. Besides, this should have been expected in a single bathroom, eh?

How can i boycott this SRK?!

Are you for real? Can you be fired for this? Do you have a union position or at-will?


You nasty btw. Why didn’t you wipe it off?

Take a shit on his car.

He should’ve made you clean; urine is sterile and he wasn’t going to contract any diseases from sitting on it. On the other hand, you’re a nasty fucker and need to learn to put up the sit. Either way, this looks like a wrongful termination lawsuit.

I would have fired your ass too. Dont you know how to piss man? Dont you know how to clean up after yourself?

Dont even try no lawsuit or some dumb ass shit. You probably signed a paper saying that they are an at will employer and can fire you without warning and without cause. Go find another job and learn to put the seat up.

Nah, i was in a hurry. Whats the big deal? It’s not like i took a shit all over the toilet seat… i mean, i can understand in some way if i left my turd unflushed, or went shit finger painting… but fresh piss marks on the toilet seat is worthy of a good employee’s dismissible?

Oh why, you piss straight 100% or are you a girl who squats? All men have pee sprayed the toilet seat. If you haven’t done that in your life, you aint a man.

He’s saying lift up the toilet seat and that would probably prevent what you did

Leaving piss for someone else to sit on is okay? If leaving shit on a toilet seat is a 10 then piss on a toilet seat is a 9. I’d fire your nasty ass too. You need to learn that being a nasty ass leaving piss on the seat without the common courtesy of wiping your own piss up isn’t acceptable. He isn’t your mommy needing to wipe your pee pee and poo poo. Nasty ass mutherfucker. Get the fuck out of here with that. I bet you probably don’t brush your toilet either. Nasty ass bum. Maybe you should sit on my piss. Nasty ass muther fucker. It’s the only bathroom. So somebody else in the office should wipe up your piss? You need to learn that shit ain’t cool. Nasty ass motherfucker. If I knew you I would tell you in your face. Wipe up you piss off my toilet seat. Nasty ass muther fucker.

See, I lift the toilet seat when I piss just out of respect for anyone else that may use the bathroom after me. Even more so if there is only a single bathroom and men and women will be using it. And if I do get a multistream and make a little mess I clean that shit up. I dont just leave it there for someone to come sit down on.

You could take it up to HR and hope that they will somehow override the decision.

However, if your boss is seriously pissed (no pun intended) at you for this, I doubt your status at work will be the same ever again. While I would hope that you will get to stay at your work for the time being, I would start searching and applying to new jobs ASAP.

yh man i dont think pissing on the toilet seat is a good idea .

the fact it was the boss is the annoying thing, if it was a normal worker it would of been ok

call the company and be like… uhh, it was my first offense and I’ve done so much and yea…
mention how the office work was to much on your mind and you forgot or w/e
but learn to clean that shyt…

Oh, aint that lovely… I wish i could be as pretty and beautiful as you.

Real men don’t clean themselves, women do that for them.

He probably already didn’t like you and has just been fishing for an excuse to bust dat ass.

If you make it out of this I’d suggest looking for new employment also. Won’t be the same after this.

Real men can keep their job.

I can only hope for your sake this is a trolling post. I deal with this but its because my son is 3. Lifting a toilet seat does not take that long even when in a hurry. On the off chance you are not trolling and you are in the same category as people who shit in urinals, take it up with HR as I doubt this is a real reason to be fired. Dirty, yes. Grounds for termination, probably not.

notsureiftrollornot o_O

Nigga, you wasted. Shit, you screwed up three times. First, you don’t follow common courtesy and put the toilet seat up. An action that takes a couple seconds at best. But hey, maybe you confident in your aim. But then you go and screw up and piss all over the seat like you just implicitly said you wouldn’t. Shouldn’t be a big deal though, happens to every guy. But then you go and be a little shit and not even clean it up, and that’s just straight idiocy.

Won’t say you deserved to get fired, but man, ain’t no way you’re getting out of this now. Go home and [S]be a family man[/S] find your ass a new job. Ain’t nobody in that office gonna wanna work wit you now.


Wait, fuck this shit. Derp troll is derp. Nobody fucking respond to this idiot any further.

How are you gonna sit here and say he should just get over it because “WE’RE MEN!”? The hell? You couldn’t even execute the most basic of adult functions. There are only two men in this scenario and you aren’t one of them.

He fired you because he had to call you into the bathroom like you were a kindergartner, which is actually an insult to kindergartners because you are on something like toddler-level in terms of pissing technique. I bet this guy is an executive since he had the power to terminate you. You basically caused Don Draper to sit in your piss.

“Come in here and look at your own piss.”